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Take me down to the parasite city

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Gene Healy ought to get an extra cookie for a title worthy of Article Title of the Year.

Have you seen the latest jobs report? Major buzzkill: creeping unemployment, anemic growth, and the recovery’s totally stalled.

But not here: The District is booming! “Washington may have the healthiest economy of any major metropolitan area in the country,” says New York Times D.C. bureau chief David Leonhardt in Sunday’s Gray Lady. “You can actually see the prosperity”!

Yes we can! Construction cranes dominate the downtown skyline, and your average homeless guy can barely grab a stretch of sidewalk before yet another boutique store pops up to bounce his bedroll.

True, if you venture outside the Death Star’s orbit to visit the colonies for Thanksgiving or Christmas, you’ll see a lot of boarded-up storefronts. You might even feel a twinge of shame when Matt Drudge feeds you headlines like “D.C. Leads List of Most Shopaholic Cities in America.”

Read the rest.   Makers are being lorded over by the Takers.


Washington’s parasitic economy… a tale of the tapeworm

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See how D.C. outsources their own responsibilities to firms who hire others to hire even more people.   If you wonder how the Roman empire fell, wonder no more.

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