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The Latexalapooza that is the Democrat Convention

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Jim Treacher summarizes the theme and promise of the 2012 Democrat Convention:

“Ask not what your country can do for you… unless you don’t feel like paying for your own rubbers.”

Confession: the temptation to offer Trojan metaphors is great but I’ll pass this time.


Democrats’ truth in advertising practices

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The Democrats: Party of Low or No Moral Standards and Party approved racism.


Democrats’ Latexapalooza

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Truth is stranger than the liberal fairy tale: Planned Parenthood distributes condoms with message: ‘Protect yourself from Romney & Ryan’.  Bill O’Reilly gives them a richly deserved tweak:

During an appearance Monday evening on MSNBC, Fluke lashed out at Fox News host Bill O’Reilly for joking about the possibility that condoms might drop from the ceiling — not balloons — following her speech at the Democratic National Convention.

You have to give the Democrats credit for one thing: when they jump the shark, they do it in Evel Knievel style.

It’s the responsibility, stupid

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