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Obama is Toast Marathon V3.62436

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Doin’ tha Bump.  The Toast Marathons are getting more hits lately.  Woo Hoo!

Heeeeerrrrrreeeeee’s Toasty!

Healthy Ridicule:

Here was our favorite line from Mitt Romney’s convention speech: “President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans and to heal the planet. My promise is to help you and your family.”

We liked it even better when we saw that the New York Times’s Nicholas Kristof had tweeted: “Seriously, Romney’s speech esp troubled me by mocking rising seas/climate change. The dismissiveness was appalling.” Gaia is a jealous Goddess, and She will not be mocked!

It actually hadn’t occurred to us that the Romney line was a repudiation of global warmism. If so, that’s lagniappe. What we enjoyed was the deft way in which Romney punctured Obama’s self-aggrandizement–by quoting his most immodest promise ever, pausing for effect, then making an almost comically modest promise of his own.

Get off of my (Oval Office) Lawn:

Ryan left the liberals Cryin’:

Mamma Mia! I love Mia Love:

Glenn Reynolds mentioned that there was a very high quality speech that was lost in the sea of other conservative celebrities… he recommended we watch it.  I agree.  Well worth five minutes.  Nice job Ms. Edmonds:

Ouchie: Rasmussen Daily tracking poll has Romney up by 3 points.

Apparently the Democrats in Charlotte have B.O. (Barack Obama): Hillary Clinton to stay as far as possible away from the Democrat Convention.
WOO HOO! Occupy RNC ends in tears and frustration!

This is not the Tweet of a Confident Man:

New Florida poll shows vindication of Eastwood Strategy

1,211 adults were interviewed statewide 08/31/12, after Romney, Florida’s Marco Rubio and Clint Eastwood spoke to the convention 08/30/12. Of the adults, 1,100 were registered to vote in Florida. Of the registered voters, 754 heard the convention speeches. Of the convention speech watchers:

* 66% did not change their mind.
* 16% switched from “undecided” to Romney.
* 6% switched from Obama to Romney.
* Adding those 2 together, that’s 22% who switched TO Romney.
* 10% switched from “undecided” to Obama.
* 2% switched from Romney to Obama.
* Adding those 2 together, that’s 12% who switched TO Obama.
* Comparing the 2 aggregate numbers: 22% switched TO Romney, 12% switched TO Obama.

Some Anti-Obama signs freaking out peopleIn Massachusetts, no less:

Voter Fraud and the Collapse of Democrat Registration in Florida.

That’s all for today.  Obama’s toast, y’all.

BUMP: Building a Bulwark for the Tsunami of Medicare Lies

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It appears from the MSM, comments in blogs and political forum threads that one of the few tools Obama has left is to define Ryan and his Medicare plan as extremist.   I’m going to cobble together a bunch of articles and videos together to help you blunt the tidal wave of false talking points.   If you encounter a liberal parroting the Mediscare party line, send them to this thread or cut and paste what you need.   Cheers!

Update: Obamacare carves out money out of Medicare to pay for Obama’s projects.  In 2008, he said such actions ‘Ain’t Right’:

My fave.  DSW getting Blitzed by Wolf; he’s relentless….go to around the 3:00 mark to see ole Deb get flustered that Wolf isn’t buying her lies:

Obama promised entitlement reform in his first term.

He had a Super Majority.  What happened?  They still have no plan like Ryan does:

Even when Ryan originally made the proposal, Obama liked it….indeed he called it an entirely legitimate proposal:

You heard correctly.  Obama thought it was worth considering.

Wall Street Journal: How Ryan’s Plan was originally supported by Obama and Democrats.   Juicy part:

When Mr. Ryan’s ideas had no chance of enactment, liberals praised his sincerity. President Obama lauded “a serious proposal” worthy of “healthy debate” in 2009. When the House GOP dared to include it in their budget, liberals responded with varying degrees of hysteria. Mr. Obama recently savaged premium support as “social Darwinism,” and that was the subtle part.

Investor’s Business Daily: Ryan’s Budget Is Radical? Far From It:

But Ryan’s budget plan is far from radical.

His proposed spending and revenue levels are above historic averages. His Medicare reform has strong bipartisan support. His tax reform plan is similar to one proposed by Obama’s own bipartisan debt reduction commission.

Ryan’s budget, which passed the House last March, would set the federal government on course to spend an average of 20% of GDP over the next decade. That’s slightly higher than the post-World War II average of 19.8%.

His tax plan would produce revenues averaging 18.3% of GDP. That, too, is somewhat higher than the 17.7% post-war average. What’s more, Ryan’s plan would set tax and spending rates higher than every Democratic president before Obama.

By this measure, what’s radical is Obama’s tax and spending plans.

His last budget, issued in February, would set federal spending over the next decade at 22.5% of GDP, on average, according to the Congressional Budget Office.


But under his plan, Medicare spending in the near term would track levels set by Obama. Unlike Obama, however, Ryan wouldn’t use any of those near-term savings to finance ObamaCare, but would direct all that to extending the Medicare Trust Fund.

And starting in 2023, Ryan would offer retirees — who are today 55 or younger — the ability to choose from a range of private insurance options, as well as traditional Medicare, with the government providing a fixed level of premium support.

The thinking is that this will unleash competitive insurance market forces, keeping costs down, while providing greater control over federal spending. But Ryan’s plan would let Medicare spending continue to climb over the long term, just not as fast as projected under current law.

Despite efforts by Democrats to cast it as a Medicare killer, Ryan’s Medicare reform actually has a strong bipartisan pedigree, attracting the support of Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., as well as former Democratic Sen. John Breaux, who developed a similar “premium support” reform as part of President Clinton’s bi-partisan Medicare commission.


Ryan’s plan also is similar in its basic outline to ideas put forward by Obama’s own Simpson-Bowles debt commission. One of the fiscal panel’s proposals had three brackets — 8%, 14% and 23%.

That commission was emphatic about the need for tax reform, saying that since 1986, “Washington has riddled the system with countless tax expenditures, which are simply spending by another name.”

If Ryan is such an extremist, we does he keep getting re-elected in an overwhelmingly Democrat district?  Ironic part:

First, if Ryan is an extremist and his proposals are so unpopular, how has he won election seven times in a Democratic district? His lowest share of the vote was 57 percent — in his first race. He routinely wins over two-thirds of the vote. When Obama swept the nation in 2008, he carried Ryan’s district by four points. But at the same time, Ryan won reelection with 65 percent of the vote, meaning that a fifth of Obama voters also voted for him.

Ryan has pointed out to me that no Republican has carried his district for president since Ronald Reagan in 1984. “I have held hundreds of town-hall meetings in my district explaining why we have to take bold reform steps, and I’ve found treating people like adults works,” he told me. “All those ads pushing elderly woman off the cliffs don’t work anymore if you lay out the problem.”

Second, Democrats know that Ryan has Reaganesque qualities that make him appealing to independent, middle-class voters. Take the cover story on Ryan that the Isthmus, a radically left-wing Madison, Wis. newspaper, ran on him in 2009. “Ryan, with his sunny disposition and choirboy looks, projects compassion and forcefully proclaims dedication to his district,” the story reported. “And he’s proved he is not unyieldingly pro-corporate, as when he recently joined in condemnation of AIG ‘retention’ bonuses.”

American Enterprise Institute: 3 things every voter needs to know about Paul Ryan’s Medicare reform plan–in 100 words  Here ya go:

1. No one over the age of 55 would be affected in any way.

2. Traditional Medicare fee-for-service would remain available for all. “Premium support”—that is, government funding of private insurance plans chosen by individuals—is an option for those who choose it. No senior would be forced out of the traditional Medicare program against his will.

3. Overall funding for Medicare under the Ryan-Wyden plan is scheduled to grow at the same rate as under President Obama’s proposals. Is this “gutting Medicare” and “ending Medicare as we know it”? In reality, it’s the market giving seniors cheaper, higher quality choices they can take if they wish, with the traditional program remaining an option.

Obama cuts Medicare more than Ryan’s plan:

Both ObamaCare and Ryan’s plan make changes to Medicare: ObamaCare via of government rationing, and Ryan via direction of privatization. The ObamaCare law creates a new panel, called the Independent Payment Advisory Board, which will be composed of 15 unelected government officials. They will be charged with rationing care to seniors, primarily by underpaying doctors and hospitals.

Obama has cut Medicare more than Romney and Ryan would. According to the most recent estimates from the Congressional Budget Office, ObamaCare will reduce Medicare spending by more than $700 billion between 2013 and 2022, relative to prior law. These cuts directly affect current retirees. By contrast, both the Romney and Wyden-Ryan plans only affect retirees younger than 55.

The approach advocated by Ryan and Romney gives seniors more control over their own health dollars, allowing them to choose the plan that provides the best value for their money.

Jay Cost nails the essence of the debate:

Combine these three points, and Team Romney can say that, if you’re a senior citizen who is worried about Medicare, your best bet is to vote for the Republican ticket. The Republicans will protect the system; the Democrats are taking half a trillion from it over the next decade to fund a new entitlement. 

It is true that Democrats are licking their chops. And that they will claim a vote for them is a vote to save Medicare. But that’s misguided.

Put another way: Because Obamacare already messes with entitlements, there is greater urgency for reforming the entitlement system. That is, Obama and Biden are the ones who touched entitlements, and Romney and Ryan are coming in to fix them.

Thanks to Hot Air, Betsy’s Page and Free Beacon.

Note: I’ll try to keep it updated and bumped in the future.


Romney correctly attacks Obama for gutting Medicare:

Oooopsie!  Obama attacks Bush for not addressing Medicare’s funding problems:

For your forum posts:

Forbes: Yes, Obamacare Cuts Medicare More Than President Romney Would

Obamacare emphasizes government control and central planning. The law empowers a panel of 15 unelected government officials, called the Independent Payment Advisory Board, to make changes to the Medicare program that will reduce Medicare spending: primarily paying doctors and hospitals less, as is done with the Medicaid program. Over time, liberal health-policy types hope that IPAB can be used to introduce rationing into Medicare, using the panel to determine what types of procedures and treatments that Medicare will and will not pay for.

The Wyden-Ryan plan, co-authored by liberal Sen. Ron Wyden (D., Ore.) and Paul Ryan, preserves the Obamacare targets for future Medicare spending, but employs an entirely different mechanism: premium support and competitive bidding. Seniors would enjoy exactly the same benefits that they do now, but along with the traditional Medicare program, they would enjoy the option of choosing among a selection of government-approved private insurance plans.

Soviet style control vs. Free Market? Are you kidding me?  Some idiots actually prefer the care of the state.   Morons marinated in Koolaid.

More…. Clinton’s Man says Ryan’s plan is the way to go:

Wooden nickel to The Rio Del Norte Line for video.


The Democrats’ Growing Medicare Dilemma

Through the candidates’ statements this week and through this new ad, Romney and Ryan have made clear they’re going to inform voters about this and force the Democrats to defend themselves on Medicare.

That won’t be easy for the Left, since the Romney campaign’s charges are true, and it is beginning to become apparent that the Democrats are totally unprepared for the coming fight. Their defenses so far fall into roughly three categories: Ryan did it too, the Obamacare Medicare cuts aren’t very serious, and finally what can only be called frantic distractions. Even as pure demagoguery (let alone as efforts at actual substantive arguments) all three are exceptionally weak defenses, and suggest the Democrats could be in serious trouble.

Love the irony: the one perceived ‘weakness’ of Ryan will become the Democrats’ biggest weakness.  Ivory Tower echo chambers can do that to a group.

George McGovern: Uber liberal escapee!

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Courtesy of Larry Elder and  ‘Liberal mugged by reality part’:

Yes, that old lefty McGovern. You know the expression, “A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged”? Well, McGovern has been mugged.

The most left-wing Democratic presidential candidate this side of Barack Obama, former Sen. McGovern, D-S.D., proposed giving every man, woman and child an annual $1,000 “demogrant.” In his nomination acceptance speech, McGovern made the same case that Obama makes today — capitalism and free markets let us down, and social justice require universal health coverage: “A program to put America back to work demands that work be properly rewarded. That means the end of a system of economic controls in which labor is depressed, but prices and corporate profit run sky-high. It means a system of national health insurance so that a worker can afford decent health care for himself and his family.”

McGovern’s left-wing bona fides are beyond questioning.

Sen. Bobby Kennedy, D-N.Y., himself a presidential candidate in 1968, called McGovern the “only decent man in the Senate.” A decorated World War II bomber pilot, McGovern fiercely opposed the Vietnam War and pushed for a complete and immediate withdrawal of American troops. Name a tax hike, spending bill or new regulation, and very likely McGovern supported it. But after he left the Senate in 1981, something happened that profoundly changed several of his most deeply held views.

McGovern went into business for himself — and went bust.


A contributing factor to the failure, according to McGovern, was the regulations that make it tough to make a profit. In a mea culpa that should chill every lefty on the Hill, McGovern said: “I wish I had known more firsthand about the concerns and problems of American businesspeople while I was a U.S. senator and later a presidential nominee.


“I wish I had known more firsthand about the concerns and problems of American businesspeople.” Holy Ayn Rand! Then in the spring of 2008, McGovern wrote an article called, “Freedom Means Responsibility”:

“Many people can’t afford the gold-plated health plans that are the only options available in their states,” wrote McGovern. “Buying health insurance on the Internet and across state lines, where less expensive plans may be available, is prohibited by many state insurance commissions. Despite being able to buy car or home insurance with a mouse click, some state governments require their approved plans for purchase or none at all. It’s as if states dictated that you had to buy a Mercedes or no car at all.”

Good article by Mr. Elder urging Pubs to invite Mr. McGovern to speak in Tampa.  Methinks it’s a brilliant idea.

Obama is toast Marathon V2.998

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…. and heeeerrrrrrre’s Toasty!

Toasty numbers for Obama:


Tone Matters: why it will be hard for liberals to portray Ryan as a radical.

Much like Obama in 2008, Ryan comes across as reasonable, thoughtful and earnest. He’s heard all of the attacks on his budget proposal and has become deft at fending them off. Democrats can spend all the time they want attempting to define him as an anti-woman, granny tossing firebrand. But the actual Paul Ryan that Americans will see in speeches, interviews and the vice presidential debate will be a stark contrast.

With Ryan, Romney polling higher than Obama

Ryan Rally: Romney beating Obama in Gallup Daily Tracking

The Examiner’s Conn Carroll reports that Mitt Romney staked his first lead over President Obama in Gallup’s Daily Tracking Poll since July 18th today, 47 percent to 45 percent.

When prophets are false

Liberal pundits, liberals, the Obama machine and Obama himself all call Paul Ryan a disastrous pick for vice president. That looks like a good sign for the Mitt Romney ticket, given the multiple records Team Obama has set since 2009 for making bad forecasts, losing elections and in general getting things wrong.


Meanwhile, Obama lost both his touch and his bearings, and every campaign he came near. He couldn’t sell the stimulus or health care to voters. He campaigned for Creigh Deeds (blown away by Bob McDonnell), for Jon Corzine (blown away by Chris Christie) and for Martha Coakley (blown away by Scott Brown.) His party was blown away in the 2010 midterms, losing the House and many statehouses, whose occupants began turning right.

New Obama Panic: Romney Crowd Sizes.

The recent frantic email theme to supporters from Team Obama about Mitt Romney’s run-away fundraising successes has been expanded to the crowd size gap between the thousands who rushed out over the weekend to see Romney and new running mate Rep. Paul Ryan and the hundreds who cheered on President Obama.

Ha: Obama campaign confident Biden can take on Ryan despite ‘chains’ gaffe

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign and GOP strategists pounced on Biden’s “chains” comment, saying the attacks are proof Democrats are worried about losing the election and instantly drawing comparisons to Ryan (R-Wis.), the charismatic congressman whose selection as Romney’s running mate has energized GOP faithful.

Damage Control: Obama Campaign Tries To Clarify Biden’s “Back In Chains” Remarks…    As Zip states in his post:

They can clarify all they want, but the fact of the matter is Biden was speaking to a largely black crowd in a majority black city that has a long history of racial tension. Telling them Romney/Ryan are going to “put them back in chains” is indefensible.

Obama Campaign Goes Racist, Anti-Semitic

Just because the Obama campaign is running a disgusting campaign doesn’t mean it will hurt them. Negative campaigns remain extraordinarily effective. But it won’t work against the revitalized Romney-Ryan ticket. Ryan is simply too likeable — 50 percent of Americans like him, as opposed to 32 percent who don’t — and he is highly intelligent and scrupulously honest. That means he’ll be tough to categorize with the left’s three favorite anti-conservative insults: stupid (Palin), corrupt (Nixon) and mean (Bush). Ryan isn’t extreme; he’s praised by people like … Barack Obama and Erskine Bowles.

The question that remains for the American public is whether they can be polarized by the divide-and-conquer rhetoric of the Obama campaign. If Obama can’t convince Americans that Romney-Ryan will destroy America, he’ll have to destroy America himself to ensure re-election by separating Americans by race, sexuality and religion. That’s precisely what he’s doing.

Clinton Chief Of Staff on Paul Ryan: ‘This Guy is Amazing.’

“Have any of you all met Paul Ryan? We should get him to come to the university. I’m telling you this guy is amazing. … He is honest, he is straightforward, he is sincere. And the budget that he came forward with is just like Paul Ryan. It is a sensible, straightforward, serious budget and it cut the budget deficit just like we did, by $4 trillion. … The president as you remember, came out with a budget and I don’t think anybody took that budget very seriously. The Senate voted against it 97 to nothing.”

Rasmussen: Ohio likely voters favorable toward Ryan, 51/39

We still have plenty of time for Democrats to demonize Ryan, but their initial efforts seem to have fallen short.  Ryan’s off to a good first impression in Ohio, and the numbers indicate he’s making it harder for Barack Obama in the Buckeye State rather than easier.

Obama Has Attended, On Average, One Fundraiser Every 60 Hours While Running for Reelection

….and his results:

Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll: Romney 47% Obama 43%

Also: Romney campaign: $7.4 million raised online since Ryan was named VP

That’s all for today.  I have previous Toasted Marxist segments here, here, here and here.


Some R&R? Count Me In!

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Romney/Ryan?  Romney/Rubio?  Sounds like a couple of winners to me.

Yet more proof of the racism of that lilly white Tea Party

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Ted Cruz errrr cruises to victory in Texas.   For a movement that gets no respect from the Democrats and Liberals, they sure are making things happen.

Obama is Toast Marathon V2.4

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Why are my fingers all happy and jazzed when I do the Toast Posts?

Poll shows Obama character-attack strategy flopping

Barack Obama’s campaign has spent tens of millions of dollars attempting to paint Mitt Romney as an unsavory businessman, a clueless tycoon, and even accused him at one point of being a “felon.”  Team Obama needed to make Romney toxic early, while it had a large advantage in primary-campaign cash, in order to avoid having to defend Obama’s economic record.  So how did that strategy work out?  After three solid months, a new poll by The Hill shows Romney holding a narrow edge on character issues over the incumbent President

Gallup: Voters don’t share Obama’s class-warfare priorities

Obama and his campaign have tried offering distractions such as same-sex marriage, contraception mandates, and hiking taxes on the rich.  According to the latest Gallup survey, Obama’s effort has missed the mark entirely

Morgan Stanley strategist: Wall Street’s betting on a Romney victory

“To us, the biggest bull case for US equities is based on the huge cash balances and the potential belief that they will be more actively and productively deployed. The biggest possibility here would be Romney winning the presidential election.”…

A double-dip by Election Day?

Recognizing this vicious cycle isn’t exactly rocket science — though it seems to be lost on the president and his economic team, such as it is. Tim Geithner, the Treasury secretary for the past four years, seems oblivious — or at least powerless to get Obama to back policies that might get businesses to hire again.

Maybe that’s because the real administration power on these issues is senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, who shares the president’s most absurd economic theories, like the virtues of raising taxes on job-creating small businesses even in a time of economic distress.

Then again, why would Obama and his “brain trust” enact policies that, in succeeding, would refute their failed vision? They’ve have more pressing matters at hand. Winning the election comes before dealing with an economy that’s headed for the cliff.

Note: I’m not crazy about another recession but I’m taking the silver lining here…  this could push the Democratic party to the point of several years of political irrelevancy ala Jimmah Carter.
Key Pro-Israel Obama Ally Abandons Him
“I wouldn’t want to try to sell Obama to the Jewish community in this environment,” said Aaron Miller.
Declining Views of the Economy Put Obama’s Reelection at Risk
In the summer of 2009, 58 percent thought the economy would be stronger within five years. By the summer of 2010, only 50 percent had such long-term optimism. By last summer, just 46 percent were that upbeat. And now only 40 percent think the economy will be stronger in five years.That’s a pretty depressing trend. 
Rasmussen: Romney up by 3:
GOP Edge in Swing States
If the election is a landslide, as many conservatives, including me, believe, then these thirteen swing states will not matter.  Obama will likely get stuck with a group of northeastern states and a smattering of others.  If the election is close, however, those dozen states will likely decide the election.Almost wholly overlooked in the election is an advantage which Mitt Romney will have in those thirteen states which could well be decisive: heavyweight political muscle in the state governments.  This is a consequence of the sweeping nature of the 2010 Republican landslide.
Fingers are tired.  But happy.
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