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Slaying the Taxation Strawman

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James Pethokouis has 10 stunning and myth busting charts on the U.S. tax system.  Here’s one sample:

Have class warfare liberals on Facebook and such?  Silence them with a load of facts.


A left turn so severe that it would cause a NASCAR driver to black out…

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Just to give you an idea of how nutty the Democrat Party has become, click here.  Peter Schiff posed as a liberal pollster and asked Democrat delegates if they would support banning corporate profits.   Oh, while they were asking Democrat delegates, they also ran into a delegate boasting she would like to kill Mitt Romney.  In public…. on camera.

Folks, this is not outside with the OWS….this in inside the Democrat convention.  They’re nuts.

It’s the responsibility, stupid

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Anti-Obama Documentary a Box Office Hit

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The Film about Obama is running a surplus which is more than we can say about his month to month campaign donations.

The Left Wing World is Upside Down

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Erick Erickson encapsulates the 150 proof rot of modern liberalism.  To wit:

Recall if you will Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s campaign. His twenty year old college thesis, the left would have us believe, should have disqualified McDonnell from ever being elected governor because of his advocacy of traditional family and lifestyles.

Consider a host of people on the right who through various indiscretions, dumb acts, etc. the left would make sure we never move beyond, never forgive, never forget, and never allow redemption.

Now consider Tim Russo. He is running for political office in Cleveland, OH. Nine years ago “in November 2001 he solicited sex from an FBI agent posing online as a minor “.

Of course you and I know exactly how the left responds. No, Bob McDonnell, because of what he wrote, should never have been elected Governor of Virginia. But Russo and his predilection for underage sex? According to Howie Klein at the Huffington Post, “Local media want him to pay for that for the rest of his life.” Poor him.

Go read the hypocrisy.  Without double standards, liberals would have no standards at all.

George McGovern: Uber liberal escapee!

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Courtesy of Larry Elder and  ‘Liberal mugged by reality part’:

Yes, that old lefty McGovern. You know the expression, “A conservative is a liberal who has been mugged”? Well, McGovern has been mugged.

The most left-wing Democratic presidential candidate this side of Barack Obama, former Sen. McGovern, D-S.D., proposed giving every man, woman and child an annual $1,000 “demogrant.” In his nomination acceptance speech, McGovern made the same case that Obama makes today — capitalism and free markets let us down, and social justice require universal health coverage: “A program to put America back to work demands that work be properly rewarded. That means the end of a system of economic controls in which labor is depressed, but prices and corporate profit run sky-high. It means a system of national health insurance so that a worker can afford decent health care for himself and his family.”

McGovern’s left-wing bona fides are beyond questioning.

Sen. Bobby Kennedy, D-N.Y., himself a presidential candidate in 1968, called McGovern the “only decent man in the Senate.” A decorated World War II bomber pilot, McGovern fiercely opposed the Vietnam War and pushed for a complete and immediate withdrawal of American troops. Name a tax hike, spending bill or new regulation, and very likely McGovern supported it. But after he left the Senate in 1981, something happened that profoundly changed several of his most deeply held views.

McGovern went into business for himself — and went bust.


A contributing factor to the failure, according to McGovern, was the regulations that make it tough to make a profit. In a mea culpa that should chill every lefty on the Hill, McGovern said: “I wish I had known more firsthand about the concerns and problems of American businesspeople while I was a U.S. senator and later a presidential nominee.


“I wish I had known more firsthand about the concerns and problems of American businesspeople.” Holy Ayn Rand! Then in the spring of 2008, McGovern wrote an article called, “Freedom Means Responsibility”:

“Many people can’t afford the gold-plated health plans that are the only options available in their states,” wrote McGovern. “Buying health insurance on the Internet and across state lines, where less expensive plans may be available, is prohibited by many state insurance commissions. Despite being able to buy car or home insurance with a mouse click, some state governments require their approved plans for purchase or none at all. It’s as if states dictated that you had to buy a Mercedes or no car at all.”

Good article by Mr. Elder urging Pubs to invite Mr. McGovern to speak in Tampa.  Methinks it’s a brilliant idea.

Dishonorable Disclosures

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Nothing the leftinistas can say could convince reasonable people that the Obama administration is ethical nor responsible with our intelligence.   Traitors they are.

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