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Obama is Toast Marathon V2.4

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Why are my fingers all happy and jazzed when I do the Toast Posts?

Poll shows Obama character-attack strategy flopping

Barack Obama’s campaign has spent tens of millions of dollars attempting to paint Mitt Romney as an unsavory businessman, a clueless tycoon, and even accused him at one point of being a “felon.”  Team Obama needed to make Romney toxic early, while it had a large advantage in primary-campaign cash, in order to avoid having to defend Obama’s economic record.  So how did that strategy work out?  After three solid months, a new poll by The Hill shows Romney holding a narrow edge on character issues over the incumbent President

Gallup: Voters don’t share Obama’s class-warfare priorities

Obama and his campaign have tried offering distractions such as same-sex marriage, contraception mandates, and hiking taxes on the rich.  According to the latest Gallup survey, Obama’s effort has missed the mark entirely

Morgan Stanley strategist: Wall Street’s betting on a Romney victory

“To us, the biggest bull case for US equities is based on the huge cash balances and the potential belief that they will be more actively and productively deployed. The biggest possibility here would be Romney winning the presidential election.”…

A double-dip by Election Day?

Recognizing this vicious cycle isn’t exactly rocket science — though it seems to be lost on the president and his economic team, such as it is. Tim Geithner, the Treasury secretary for the past four years, seems oblivious — or at least powerless to get Obama to back policies that might get businesses to hire again.

Maybe that’s because the real administration power on these issues is senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, who shares the president’s most absurd economic theories, like the virtues of raising taxes on job-creating small businesses even in a time of economic distress.

Then again, why would Obama and his “brain trust” enact policies that, in succeeding, would refute their failed vision? They’ve have more pressing matters at hand. Winning the election comes before dealing with an economy that’s headed for the cliff.

Note: I’m not crazy about another recession but I’m taking the silver lining here…  this could push the Democratic party to the point of several years of political irrelevancy ala Jimmah Carter.
Key Pro-Israel Obama Ally Abandons Him
“I wouldn’t want to try to sell Obama to the Jewish community in this environment,” said Aaron Miller.
Declining Views of the Economy Put Obama’s Reelection at Risk
In the summer of 2009, 58 percent thought the economy would be stronger within five years. By the summer of 2010, only 50 percent had such long-term optimism. By last summer, just 46 percent were that upbeat. And now only 40 percent think the economy will be stronger in five years.That’s a pretty depressing trend. 
Rasmussen: Romney up by 3:
GOP Edge in Swing States
If the election is a landslide, as many conservatives, including me, believe, then these thirteen swing states will not matter.  Obama will likely get stuck with a group of northeastern states and a smattering of others.  If the election is close, however, those dozen states will likely decide the election.Almost wholly overlooked in the election is an advantage which Mitt Romney will have in those thirteen states which could well be decisive: heavyweight political muscle in the state governments.  This is a consequence of the sweeping nature of the 2010 Republican landslide.
Fingers are tired.  But happy.
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