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Picture of Obama with gas pain in Tampa

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This is a prelude to my ‘Obama is Toast’ series this weekend. :0)

The Rio Norte Line

The math seems to say that Romney can’t lose

Written on Thursday, September 13, 2012 by: Dennis Marcellino




The nay sayers and Obama apologists are getting on my nerves, so I thought I’d do the math to see how the election will come out. And given the math, I don’t see how Romney can lose. Here’s how.


(1) No one who voted for McCain will vote for Obama.

(2) AND, many people who voted for Obama are publicly expressing that they won’t vote for him this time. Some are saying “buyer’s remorse,” like black comedian Jimmy J.J. Walker even had the conviction to force that phrase into the conversation recently on liberal David Letterman’s show.

(3) Catholics, who were responsible for electing Obama the first time (as well as Clinton) are seeing their hierarchy not only denounce the democrat positions as going against God and the…

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One Picture is worth 1,000 Obama curse words

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Just like Chik-Fil-A-palooza, this street poll doesn’t bode well for Team Zero. Point where Obama’s verbiage may go ‘colorful’:

How to explain such crowds if Obama is leading in Virginia, one of the key swing states? Either the Romney advance team did a phenomenal job of generating interest before today, or there is a continuing surge in electoral momentum for insurgent change-agent candidates like that which powered the Republican sweep of the 2010 races.

The Hero of the Zeroes is toast.

Romney ad campaign hits Obama nerve

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As I noted earlier that Romney had broken out the brass knuckles….and that it was pure political karma…. and it’s not good for Obama.  Don’t believe me?  Just witness the Obama campaign response:

The coordinated attack — which generated countless headlines during a slow week in Washington in which Congress is absent — aims to portray Obama as a big-government liberal whose efforts to appease his base have pulled him far to the left even of Clinton. Romney is hoping that message will resonate with independent, blue-collar voters in swing states like Ohio, Colorado and Florida — voters Obama has struggled to court and both candidates are fighting to win over.

Team Obama hit back unusually hard: White House spokesman Jay Carney hammered Romney repeatedly in his daily briefing with reporters, and the reelection campaign hastily arranged a conference call, featuring former Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta, to debunk Romney’s claims.

To read political tea leaves, one must read a campaign’s ‘body language’.   To me,  Obama’s body language screams ‘massive right hook received by empty cranium area’.

Video: Liberals complete the 5 stages of Obama grief.

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What took you so long?!

Liberalism’s racial double standards are Warren out. (Get it?)

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Just imagine a Republican pulling the same scam as Elizabeth Warren.  Thank goodness for the British press.

Romney leads Obama in Ohio and Florida, tied in Colorado

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Rut Roh II.  Scroll down a few posts to see Rut Roh I.   Implosion, I tell ya.

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