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The Gipper vs. The DIPper

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Reagonomics vs. Obamanomics

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A comparison of The Gipper vs. The DIPper courtesy of The Loud Talker via Doug Ross.  Click on image to enlarge.

Juicy part:

What is the point? President Reagan experienced a recession in his first term that lasted 16 months. However, unlike President Obama, Reagan enacted policies meant to stimulate the economy, not to suppress it. The end result was a sharp and rapid recovery that lasted many years.

Despite having complete control of Congress during his first two years in office, Obama squandered his historic opportunity and has managed to continually muzzle the greatest economic engine in the history of mankind. I’ve lined up the two recessions in the image above to make the comparison obvious to even the most stubborn of Liberals.

There is no way to blame Republican obstructionism for this. Two years of complete control wasted. Then, even after Republicans regained control of the House and offered dozens of economic bills, they were crushed by Harry Reid’s willfully destructive arrogance in the Senate.

You came.  You saw.  Liberal Strawman destroyed.

Economic tool for slaying liberal talking points

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Basically, kryptonite for the Paul Krugmans of the world.

Reagan vs. the Progressives

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Paul Kengor and The American Spectator give us an excellent glimpse.  One juicy part of an excellent piece:

Consider the group, Progressive Citizens of America (PCA), which was thoroughly penetrated. One liberal actor exploited was the great Gene Kelly, a pleasant, patriotic American. Kelly was enlisted as a progressive prop to stand in front of a giant American flag and lead the Pledge of Allegiance. He rallied the progressives in reverential renditions of “America.” In one sorry display, the all-American boy was cast to provide the introduction at PCA’s initial meeting in Los Angeles on February 11, 1947. The evening’s theme was established before Kelly spoke, as a large screen flashed photographs of bombed Hiroshima, with rolling footage of the dead and maimed. That evening, PCA board members would be elected. On the ballot were secret hard-line Hollywood communists like John Howard Lawson and Dalton Trumbo, as well as non-communist liberals like Edward G. Robinson, Humphrey Bogart, John Garfield, Gregory Peck, Lena Horne, and Melvyn Douglas.

Take another sorry case, where Katharine Hepburn was the opening speaker at a May 19, 1947 Progressive Party Rally at Hollywood Legion Stadium. Draped in a long, flame-red dress, the liberal New Englander read a speech scripted by Trumbo — and so admired by People’s Daily World that it reprinted the entire text.

This manipulation was old hat for the comrades, who found no shortage of progressives to do the bidding of Stalin.

Alas, into this waded an actor named Ronald Reagan, mid-30s, politically passionate. As a committed FDR liberal, Reagan was susceptible to the conniving of communists. He was targeted immediately after World War II, a quick victim of several front-groups. He was very “naïve,” Reagan admitted later, “blindly and busily” joining “every organization I could find that would guarantee to save the world.” He was “an active” but unwitting participant “in what now and then turned out to be communist causes.” The deceived Reagan assumed these folks were “liberals, and being liberals ourselves, [we] bedded down with them.”

Go read the whole thing; good history lesson and reminder for why we have to kill as much of the bloated gov’t as possible.

Why Reagan would club (not heart)Obama

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A very gracious tip o’ the derby to: American Power.  Love it.

Debate: Ronald Reagan vs. Robert F. Kennedy

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In the current political climate, one may scratch their head over the knowledge gap of the elites or the ‘credentialed, not educated class’ as Instapundit has branded them.  This knowledge gap has been carved out via a continuous stream of misinformation of moral equivalency that naive college students embrace.

This debate occurred 44 years ago but it provides a clear snapshot of the state of liberalism in the 60’s… and it’s not much different from the present insular liberalism we see today.   National Review Online and Paul Kengor provide the goods. Juicy part:

Reagan performed so well that his presidential boosters sought to use clips from the debate during the 1968 Oregon presidential primary, and requested a copy from CBS. Kennedy, however, reportedly did not want the video to be made available; CBS, naturally, acceded to his request. Kennedy himself conceded defeat to Reagan, telling his aides after the debate to never again put him on the same stage with “that son-of-a-bitch.” Kennedy was heard to ask immediately after the debate, “Who the f— got me into this?” Frank Mankiewitz was that aide, as Kennedy was quick to remind him a few weeks later: “You’re the guy who got me into that Reagan thing.”

Some things never change: modern liberalism getting trumped in exchange of facts and a compliant liberal media.  Read the whole thing to see a few tidbits of propaganda the students tried to foist upon Reagan.  Here is a complete transcript of the debate.

Liberal Straw Men

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I’m adding ‘Liberal Straw Men’ category to document how to refute the various straw men they proffer.   This is a good start.  Ronald Reagan adroitly dismantles the leftist argument about ‘war mongering’ in the 4 minute video there.

Definitely a classic.

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