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Defending President Context

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I had to read a bit of the article to see how Walter Shapiro was going to answer the title of his missive:  Obama’s 2012 convention challenge: What should he brag about?

Mr. Shapiro tries to convince us that Presidents seeking re-election need to point to ‘overarching’ accomplishments on which to hang their laurels.  He mentions various events during Presidencies from Carter forward and how their convention speeches touted them.  That’s how they did it? Context in a speech?

Really, Walt?  The Convention Speech?  I have a small dose of reality for you, there were three overriding factors in the success of those Presidents:

1.  The Economy

2.  The Economy

3.  The Economy

It’s the economy, Shapiro.


No, Michael, the only face that should be purple is yours…

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…from extreme embarrassment.  Michael Tomasky penned a doozy of psychological projection in his recent Obama’s Swing Vote Victory piece.  I’m not going to parse his extremely flimsy poll dissection (he uses one, 1-day poll – that’s it.) where he tries to prove that the Obamacare ruling will sway voters in Obama’s direction.

No, that’s too easy to fisk. I’m going to highlight a small passage where his psychological projection reveals the absolutely insular nature of liberal journalism:

Yes, bring that on, too: I’m sure another Koch-brothers production of purple-faced lunatics shouting at members of Congress will really impress swing voters. Come on, Americans for Prosperity, I’m counting on you!


Where has your internet connection or television been set for the past 8 years, Michael?!  It HAS NOT been the right side of the aisle who has been committing juvenile fits of  rhetoric, rage and violence.  It HAS BEEN the Coffee Party, Occupy Wall Street, SEIU and other union thugs,, Animal Liberation Front, Earth Liberation Front, Code Pink, Black Nationalists, Liberal software creators of ‘Tea Party Zombies must die‘, Multiple anti-war protests advocating the murder of President Bush, The New Black Panther Party, Ted Rall, Ward Churchill, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Bill Ayers and lots and lots of Democrats.

It’s this sort of insular thinking that has thoroughly debased and discredited modern journalism.  What’s the difference in MSNBC editing tapes to make a candidate look bad… and having journalists like Mr. Tomasky make such absurd contentions?  Not much in my book.  It would require Mr. Tomasky to pay attention to events in the real world… not the make believe world inside the liberal ivory tower.

…and just for the record, Michael, I’d like you to produce a video of a purple faced righty to begin with.  You can’t.

How long can you hold your breath, then?

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Didn’t think I could get more motivation for November.   I was wrong.   So much for that liberal ‘civility’.


Let’s go visit the cuckoo’s nest, shall we?

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…with apologies to cuckoos everywhere.

Wooden nickel to Pianogirl88.

Enter now for your chance at cruel and unusual punishment!

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Don’t be late!!!

Do not disturb: They’re reading Barry his favorite fairy tale. Yet again.

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Are Obama’s campaign aides fooling themselves?  Juicy part:

We’re in a different setting now. Obama won the popular vote by 7 points in 2008. Republicans won the House popular vote by 7 points in 2010. Many more voters have been moving around than had been eight years ago.

The strategy of rallying currently unenthusiastic core Obama voters — Hispanics, young voters, unmarried women — risks alienating others who may be more moveable than their counterparts were in 2004. The Obama managers seem unaware of that risk. Could be a problem for them.

Click over to read Mr. Barone’s list of Obama operating assumptions to see the potholes ahead for the Fairy Tale Brigade.  These people are isolated from the real world.

Ask me if I like sex so we can have two dumb questions in a row…

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Why does Romney only do Fox? Schieffer asks  Bob, if you have to ask then you don’t really want to know the answer.  Really.

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