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You can’t walk back rot.

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Pass this video around because this helps Allen West and this helps Romney.  Very short, succinct and revealing.   The Democrat mask is off and on the ground despite their ‘re-voting’.  The corpse of your grandparents’ Democrat party is available for viewing in Charlotte. 

They didn’t use formaldehyde for the body, they used koolaid.


Consensus by Subtraction leaves One Splintered

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These are not the optics of a healthy party by anyone’s measure:

There is precious little space under that Democrat bus.

DNC Rep. Resigns after Anti-Israel Tirade

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Free Beacon has the story.   Juicy part:

A South Florida Democratic National Committee representative who engaged in an anti-Israel tirade over email had resigned from the post following outrage over her remarks.

Evelyn Garcia, a Palm Beach County representative to the DNC and ally of its chair, Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, was caught by the news website BizPacReview advocating for an end to the U.S.-Israel alliance and accusing Israel of war crimes.

Mask keeps slipping.

The Jewish dilemma for Barack Obama

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Courtesy of Wesley Pruden and The Washington Times:

Mr. Romney is willing, even eager, to give heartfelt, emphatic, unadulterated, full-throated support for the Jewish state in its hour of greatest peril since the founding. Mr. Obama can’t do that because he doesn’t “feel the love.” He sprang from a culture of radicalism where Israel was regarded as illegitimate, if not evil. He gives the clear impression that he doesn’t like Jews very much.

Mr. Obama repeats only empty, bland assurances that everything is OK, that the friends of Israel shouldn’t worry because the messiah from Chicago is on the watch. U.S.-Israeli ties, he told a rally the other day in Palm Beach, are stronger than ever. That’s bunk, as Sen. John McCain bluntly told a television interviewer: “Everybody knows that relations with Israel have never been worse.”

Bland assurances are no longer enough to satisfy betrayed true believers; the monolithic Jewish support for Democrats, any Democrat, is fraying around the edges. Merely telling skeptical and suspicious Jewish voters not to believe their own eyes and ears is no longer effective. No one expects Mr. Romney on Nov. 6 to win a majority of Jewish voters, or anything close to it. He doesn’t have to. If he can peel away 3 or 4 percentage points in certain swing states, particularly Florida and Ohio, that would change the game.

Obama is no friend of Israel.  Not even close.

Joe Isuzu at the podium

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I know many have seen this but I’m filing this under the video category in case you want to share later.  If you haven’t seen the video….it’s must see hilarity.  Unless you’re an Obama supporter.

If you have Jewish friends, please pass this video to them.  It speaks volumes.

Everywhere but Israel

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Obama ‘wants to create daylight between the U.S and Israel’.  He’s creating dark storm clouds in the Middle East

Obama’s eroding Jewish Support and his Keystone Cop approach

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President Obama appears to be bleeding Jewish VotersTo wit:

Jews are beginning to untie their Democratic moorings, because this is now not the party of JFK, but of Jimmy Carter. That is Barack Obama’s unique contribution to the transformation of the Jewish vote.

A month ago in the suburb of Morton Grove, the Republican candidates were prominently represented at the Greater Chicago Jewish Arts Festival. This year, things were different: although there was still hostility from some, the audience was not remotely as hostile as it had been four years ago. Overall, there was a warmer and larger reception for the Republican candidates and their message than at any time anyone can remember.

Most Jews will vote for Obama, but American elections generally have been about the margins. And the difference between 88% and 60% of the Jewish vote certainly can make a difference, especially if that translates to other contests down the ballot.

Good read about the Jewish vote and the damage Democrats have inflicted upon Illinois.

Wait!  There’s more!  Don’t touch that mouse!!  Team Zero to the rescue with a Jewish outreach!  Uh…errrrrr… rut roh…. FAIL. Team Obama Invites Jews to Big Synagogue Campaign Stop – Misspells Israel.

Is-he-really serious about the Jewish vote?  Extra dollop of hypocrisy:

Besides misspelling Israel, the campaign event at Keneseth Israel directly conflicts with an IRS rule stating that nonprofit organizations, such as religious institutions, prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign. But, who cares?

After all, he’s Barack Obama.

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