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So, how’s that ‘Tax the rich’ strategy working for ya?

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Compare and Contrast: Wisconsin sees improved revenues to state coffers while “tax the rich” California and Illinois continue to implode.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, tax collections increased 4.7 percent in fiscal year 2012 to $13.5 billion, beating the … Legislative Fiscal Bureau’s February estimate by $320 million.


The Huffington Post admits that Barack Obama’s home state has the worst budget deficit in the land, totaling a stunning $43.8 billion, despite a massive 60 percent hike in personal income taxes.


In California, the twice-failed Govern Brown is going for the trifecta. Despite massive tax hikes, the state is running a $6 billion annual deficit, its cities are declaring bankruptcy one after another, and the state pension system is in critical condition, having been raped by the malevolent, corrupt alliance of Democrats and their public sector union cronies.

Why is it that it never occurs to liberals to cut spending?


Part of new Democrat religious ritual?

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The Latexalapooza that is the Democrat Convention

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Jim Treacher summarizes the theme and promise of the 2012 Democrat Convention:

“Ask not what your country can do for you… unless you don’t feel like paying for your own rubbers.”

Confession: the temptation to offer Trojan metaphors is great but I’ll pass this time.

Democrats’ truth in advertising practices

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The Democrats: Party of Low or No Moral Standards and Party approved racism.


Consensus by Subtraction leaves One Splintered

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These are not the optics of a healthy party by anyone’s measure:

There is precious little space under that Democrat bus.

Democrats’ Latexapalooza

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Truth is stranger than the liberal fairy tale: Planned Parenthood distributes condoms with message: ‘Protect yourself from Romney & Ryan’.  Bill O’Reilly gives them a richly deserved tweak:

During an appearance Monday evening on MSNBC, Fluke lashed out at Fox News host Bill O’Reilly for joking about the possibility that condoms might drop from the ceiling — not balloons — following her speech at the Democratic National Convention.

You have to give the Democrats credit for one thing: when they jump the shark, they do it in Evel Knievel style.

Bonds downgraded in President Downgrade’s home state

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The Blue State Pattern continues: Illinois Bonds Downgraded over Pension Crisis.

With public-sector unions fighting tooth and nail to preserve their cushy benefits and expensive pension plans, old style Dems like FDR, Harry Truman and Fiorello LaGuardia—all of whom thought that public sector unionism was a terrible idea—are looking smarter and smarter all the time. The combination of collective bargaining and the power of a focused voting lobby and campaign finance machine has unbalanced the budgets of too many cities and states to retain much appeal to the general public.

If the Democrats lose this election, the impact of the clammy embrace of the public sector union movement in the Midwest will be a major factor in the defeat. Defending an unsustainable governance model is no place for a serious political party.

Go visit Mr. Mead.

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