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More of that Democrat Sponsored Racism

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There is nobody as racist as a liberal with a race card.


Democrats’ truth in advertising practices

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The Democrats: Party of Low or No Moral Standards and Party approved racism.


Frantically printing new race cards

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Folks, they’re completely unhinged in their desperation.   When city names become a racial slur?  You’ve aced the shark jump.

Who Racializes Welfare Reform?

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Courtesy of The National Review.

Democrats’ proprietary attitude toward African-Americans is a disgrace, one that nine in ten black voters unfortunately reinforce at every electoral opportunity. Welfare reform is not about limiting the transfer of money from white taxpayers to non-white welfare recipients, but about ensuring that programs intended to help the poor and ease their transition into the productive economy do not in the end damage the poor, corrupt public institutions, and constrain the economy. The Democrats know that a voter dependent on the government — whether a welfare recipient or an EPA employee — is a Democratic voter, and they actively cultivate that dependency. President Obama’s economy is driving more Americans onto President Obama’s swelling welfare rolls. Republicans seek to reverse both of those trends, which would be self-evidently good for all Americans. The best the Democrats can do in such a situation is to shout “Racist!” and so they will.

There’s nobody so racist as a liberal with a race card.

Democrat vs. Republican extremism

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Jeffrey Kuhner  and The Washington Times point out the double standards of political extremism.

Mr. Biden, however, is not simply fodder for late-night comedians. He is willing to play the race card, especially against presumptive Republican rivals, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan. Mr. Biden recently told a racially mixed audience that electing a RomneyRyan ticket would be a disaster. “They’re gonna put y’all back in chains,” he thundered. Leave aside his ridiculous attempt to imitate a Southern accent. His implication was clear: Republicans secretly long to restore slavery. It was despicable race-baiting and fearmongering, a blatant attempt to whip up racial hysteria in order to galvanize black turnout for the election. It is the strategy of divide and conquer, Balkanize America in order to perpetuate liberal rule.

Mr. Biden is a political thug. It is time that Republicans wage a frontal counterattack. Does he truly believe that the GOP — the party of Abraham Lincoln that liberated the slaves — wants to enslave blacks? If he does, then he is a madman, a left-wing kook, who should resign immediately. If he doesn’t, then he is a shameless smear merchant who will say and do anything — including tearing the bonds of racial unity — to help Mr. Obama win re-election. Either way, he embodies the increasingly deranged nature of the modern Democratic Party.

Read it all.

Another example of that liberal racism. Part 16 million or so.

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Once again, the sheer hypocrisy of liberal racism reveals itself by a group of people so fond of calling others racists for ‘not enough diversity’.  Legal Insurrection has the details:

 A group of black journalists says it is disappointed in the lack of ethnic diversity among the people chosen to moderate presidential debates.

The National Association of Black Journalists said Friday that the Commission on Presidential Debates needed to stop treating black reporters as if they were unqualified, invisible or both. The group said diversity was important in a year in which as much as a quarter of the electorate is expected to be non-white.

Is there any doubt what this elitist group of ‘tolerant liberal journalists’ would have opined if the Tea Party had picked a lilly white panel?  Me either.  There is nobody so racist as a liberal with a race card.

Democrat Racism: A Pictorial

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‘Nuff said… errr… pixelated.

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