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The Most Divisive Campaign in American History

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Daniel Greenfield keeps jacking them out of the ballpark.   If we could have a Fantasy Blogger Team, I’d draft Daniel as my designated slugger.   Line drive outta da park:

This basic gap was obscured in the 2008 campaign by the window trappings of inspiration. Among all the plastic pillars and stolen quotes from poets who stole them from sermons, it was harder to see that the underlying theme of the campaign was dissatisfaction with America. But in 2012, Obama can no longer run as a reformer or an optimist.

The coalition that he committed to last year is a coalition of those who are unhappy with America, not in the last four years, but in the last two-hundred years. Its core is composed of groups that fear democracy and distrust the will of the people. There is no optimism here, but a deeply rooted pessimism about human nature and the country as a whole. It is the Democratic Party’s coalition against democracy.


To vote for Obama after years of grotesque economic mismanagement that has no precedent in history, that exceeds the worst actions of Andrew Jackson or Ulysses S. Grant, is not the instinct of an American, but a selfish greedy looter scrambling to grab a few dinner rolls off the tray while the ship is going down. There is no policy justification for voting for a man with the worst economic and foreign policy record in the country’s history. There is no American justification for voting for him. Only the UnAmerican motivation of carving up a dying country into group fiefdoms privileging identity politics over the common good.

This is an UnAmerican campaign. It is an Anti-American campaign. It is a campaign by those who hate and fear what America was and who resent having to care about anyone outside their own group. Its group jingoism, its dog whistles and special privileges are repulsive and cynical, treating the people of a great nation like a warren of rats eager to sell each other out for a prize from the Cracker Jack box of identity politics entitlements.


Obama has never been the President of the United States of America. He has been the president of Washington D.C., of Wall Street and of Solyndra. He has been the President of Green America and of Chicago. He has been the President of Warren Buffett, George Soros, Bill Gates, Penny Pritzker and James Crown. He is the President of George Clooney, Harvey Weinstein and Anne Hathaway. And now, facing disaster, he still isn’t running to be President of a country, but of a dozen little countries with money from freshly bailed out Green America and Wall Street, not to mention Hollywood.

The Obama campaign is not accidentally divisive. It did not stumble into divisiveness. It is not even divisive as a byproduct of its real aims. Divisiveness is its aim. Divisiveness is the only way that a divisive administration can hold on to power. The anger and the violence are not an accident, they are the whole point. Set one group against another, feed the hate, massage the grievances and very soon there is no longer a nation but a handful of quarreling groups being roped into a mutual alliance to reelect their lord protector whose appeal is that of the outsider becoming the insider.


The entity is already here. Its czars are running things in D.C., and its judges are dismantling both constitutional government and democratic elections. It creates a crisis and then makes sure that it doesn’t go to waste. It has excellent design skills and terrible planning skills. It has all the money in the world and none at all. It is the Post-American America, and 2012 is its big referendum. The one that will decide whether this Post-American America, this horrid graft of E.U. governance and Mussolini economics, Soviet propaganda and FDR volunteerism, Tammany populist criminality and U.N. foreign policy will be permitted to devour the United States of America.

Obama cannot win an American election. But he isn’t running in an American election. He’s running in a Post-American election.

Read the whole darned thang.


Incivility and violence: that’s their game plan

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Let’s face it: Modern Liberalism does not want facts intruding upon their fair tale.  If somebody else – say Paul Ryan – tries to articulate reality?  They must be stopped from speaking the truth.

These people are a menace and threat to freedom.   Just as they have been through the ages.

“Let Me See You Adopt One Of Those Ugly Black Babies”

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Excellent example of liberal hate and racism, courtesy of John Hawkins and Right Wing News… this is abortionist Ron Virmani:

From Mr. Hawkins’ post:

Eugenics was embraced by liberals; Margaret Sanger, the Founder of Planned Parenthood, explicitly advocated using abortion to reduce the number of black babies. The attitude on the Left hasn’t changed much since then.

Heart of Darkness, your beat is for modern liberalism.

The Speed of Progressivism

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A superb read by Daniel Greenfield:

The transformation of Chick Fil A from a fast food place that most liberals had never even heard of into the “Enemy of the People” is a reminder of the speed at which progressivism travels forward and backward in time. A few months ago the CEO of Chick Fil A would have done nothing worse than echo a consensus so mainstream that it was adopted as a campaign position by the leftiest Democrat to sit in the White House. A few months later that same position is so outrageous that it leads to mass boycotts, threats of violence and mayors of dysfunctional urban centers threatening to drive the reactionary chicken franchise out of their cities.

One of the wonderful things about progressivism is that it defies the laws of physics and history. When the Democratic Party, a once notable national party that has been turned into a red shill for the sort of people who used to hang out in cafes and plot to blow things up in between free verse recitals, adopts a progressive position, that position instantly travels backward in time to alter history and create an entirely new past.


That notion may seem ridiculous, but so would the idea that the party of bra burning would become the party of the hijab. Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds, said Ralph Waldo Emerson. To be a true progressive, you cannot afford to be small-minded. Every idea, value and belief is waiting to be demolished and replace by a newer more progressive idea. And if that newer more progressive idea actually seems backward, that’s okay, because progressive ideas are like buses, if you wait around long enough they’ll come right back to where they were.

Progressivism is chaos. It is a force that is constantly destroying old things to make way for new things and with so much destruction, it can’t be expected to tell the new old things and the old new things apart. Progressivism is a contrary talker, a teenager who knows everything, it doesn’t know a whole lot, but it knows that everything you know is wrong. And then off it goes in its retro clothes to shock all the adults with gay marriage, euthanasia clinics and then maybe slavery.

Progressivism violates the laws of physics because it has no past, only an eternal future. It imagines that it is always moving forward in time, when it’s actually moving backward. Its past is its future and it can’t tell the two apart because it has eradicated any understanding of history that isn’t based on its own idiotic ideological posturings. To the left history cannot exist apart from its politically correct understanding of history. 

Very good read.  Click over there, pilgrim.

Serving Rat-Fil-A in November Voting Booths

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Just a quick post to highlight the fact that others have noted the deeper impact of Chik-Fil-A day means a toasted goose for Obama.

To wit:

Even worse for the left what are the odds people willing to stand in line for hours to get a meal for the sake of principle will not stand in line to vote when November comes along?

So lets compare the responses.

Newsweek, the magazine that liberals have lost millions of dollars to support goes fishing for a story and as of right now has come up empty.

While Mike Huckabee little suggestion has resulted in record sales for Chick Fil A and has made a visible demonstration of the power of their supporters on this issue.

The ultimate irony, Thanks to Huckabee’s call and the response Chick-Fil-A may have managed to gross more money Wednesday than Newsweek lost all of last year and the profits they made today were fueled by individual customers who each spent more money on their meal than the selling price of the entire Newsweek franchise.

Patterico verbalizes what many of us have thought:

A tipping point may arrive: where I decide that the need to oppose terrorist tactics outweighs my desire to seek social justice.

I’m not there. Yet. But does the fringe of this movement really want to keep pushing me that direction?

And do you think I’m the only person having thoughts like this?!

Keep pushing us ya bunch of leftist jackasses.   We’re slow to anger but we’re far worse than a wet, cornered Bobcat in survival mode….and we have you outnumbered and outgunned.

The larger meaning of Chik-Fil-A-palooza

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This is the baseline of our republic….

…and liberalism’s inherent failure to comprehend the fundamentals has brought us to the potential watershed event.  They’ve erected hypocritical walls of political correctness to dampen free speech to gain an upper hand in politics… and what did they do? Trample the boundaries of decency and civil discourse to the point that any dissent outside of their dogma is met with vile bile.   Reason and logic be damned.

There is no more clear example of  liberalism’s  detachment from the fundamentals than the viral video of a (now) former CFO of Vante Corporation acting in a heinous manner towards a polite young Chik-Fil-A employee.  A CFO?  Are  you kidding me?

I’m a corporate puke for a large company and an absolute fundamental of my job is to watch my behavior to protect my job and my company.   Hence, the pseudonym.  Heck, what I post is not remotely vile within the confines of civil discourse… it’s just the specter of PC makes it hard for conservatives to have a dissenting point of view.   Adam Smith?  He felt empowered to video a hateful tirade and post it to the web.  That’s the difference in discussion dynamics between liberals and conservatives/libertarians.  What Adam Smith did was not only grotesquely rude… it was profoundly DUMB.  This is the emotional aspect of liberalism where they have simplistic emotive responses to dissent…devoid of logic most of the time.

Professor Jacobson raises a good point about our response to Mr. Smith’s outcome: Do we cheer Mr. Smith’s unfortunate career demise? 

Of course not.  I don’t wish ill upon anybody…however…. what I do like is the small victory for discourse.  There, apparently, IS a limit to the amount of vile bile for liberals.   High metric, yes… but a boundary nonetheless.   Mr. Smith engaged in a behavior that just a few decades ago would have horrified even the staunchest of liberals and he advertised it.  This act alone demonstrates the paradigm shift in liberalism’s view of political discourse.  They’re marinated in bile and don’t even know it now.

Liberalism constructed the rules of PC and then went on to trample even the basic tenets of decency.  We should cheer the karma, not the outcome to an individual’s future.  Perhaps this karma will serve as a lesson to others on the left.

I’m not optimistic they will learn from it, though.

Barack Obama and Harry Reid’s broken liberal souls

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Morning dollop of reality based analysis courtesy of Eric Golub and The Washington Times:

Nothing is off limits when the Chicago way takes over.

Governor  Romney has been called a felon. His wife has been attacked. Now Senate  Majority Leader Harry Reid has taken the Democratic Party down deep into  the gutter by bringing up Governor Romney’s late father. He played the “dead card”.

The other day Mr. Reid said about Romney that “His poor father must be so embarrassed about his son.”

No amount of context washes away the stain of these vile comments.  This is what the Democratic Party of today has become. This is Barack  Obama’s America.

Some will say that Harry Reid’s comments (like everything else on  Earth) are not Barack Obama’s fault. Yes, they are. Barack Obama is the  head of the Democratic Party. Harry Reid is one of his top lieutenants.  Harry Truman said “the buck stops here.” If Mr. Obama had honor, he  would employ that same philosophy.

One phone call from President Obama is all it takes to get Democrats  to change their behavior. He certainly knows how to get to Dianne  Feinstein, Cory Booker, and any other Democrat who criticizes him  personally. When it comes to political opponents, Mr. Obama stays silent  while his associates traffic in slime.

Fascists of a feather commune together.

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