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Share this with your Ohio and Pennsylvania friends and family

Posted in Energy, Environmentalism, Obama with tags , on November 3, 2012 by b5blue

There is no more telling metric of Obama’s war upon our mining industry than this one.  He’s killing the coal industry in our country.  Share early, share often!


No, this is NOT an unemployment chart

Posted in Economics, Energy, Environmentalism, Obama, Oil with tags , , , , on August 6, 2012 by b5blue

Courtesy of The American Enterprise Institute.

Proper use of our resources would dramatically affect the unemployment graphs if the rabid disciples of the Green Goddess of Gaia would get the hell out of the way.

Feeding Green Weenies into the Logic Shredder

Posted in Energy, Environmentalism, Liberal Straw Men, Progressivism, Video Library for Liberal Escapees with tags , on July 23, 2012 by b5blue

Pure.  Unadulterated.  Pleasure.

I doubt the young, brainwashed lass knows what hit her.

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