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Share this with your Ohio and Pennsylvania friends and family

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There is no more telling metric of Obama’s war upon our mining industry than this one.  He’s killing the coal industry in our country.  Share early, share often!


No, this is NOT an unemployment chart

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Courtesy of The American Enterprise Institute.

Proper use of our resources would dramatically affect the unemployment graphs if the rabid disciples of the Green Goddess of Gaia would get the hell out of the way.

Feeding Green Weenies into the Logic Shredder

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Pure.  Unadulterated.  Pleasure.

I doubt the young, brainwashed lass knows what hit her.

Ho Hum. Another week, another bankrupt green energy company

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Amonix closes North Las Vegas solar plant after 14 months, heavy federal subsidies.

No comment required.

Where did the Obama Stimulus Money go? Look overseas, young man.

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The Outsourcer-In-Chief has got some ‘splaining (lying) to do.

Ho Hum. Another Day. Another few million dollars lost on Obama energy failure

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Hey, giving away millions of dollars for failing ‘green energy’  projects that quickly fail is really easy.   Especially when it’s not your money.

EPA seeing red as blogger exposes their green figures

Posted in Abolishing Federal Abominations, Economics, Energy with tags , on June 11, 2012 by b5blue

Lies, damned lies and green math.

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