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Left-Wing Activists Admit Allen West Terrifies Them

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Be afraid, Turds, be very afraid.  The leftist fear in the morning juicy part:

Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) is the activist Left’s number one congressional target this election cycle because he poses an existential threat to progressivism, a prominent professional left-wing organizer suggests.

West is “a national rising star in the Tea Party,” Becky Bond explained during a panel discussion at the Campaign for America’s Future’s recent Take Back the American Dream confab in Washington, D.C.


The danger, as Bond sees it, is that if West’s brand of politics catches on nationwide, American politics may shift rightward.

“And he’s a freshman,” Bond said. “If we don’t take him down now, he’s raising millions of dollars, and he’s going to set what the new normal is for the Republican Party.”

It’s imperative that we keep Colonel West under the progressive’s irritated skin.  Come on, Florida, you can do it!


Go, Sarahcuda, go!

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Paradigm shift: Sarah Palin takes Texas  The juicy David vs Goliath part:

Establishment Republicans rally today to debunk Sarah Palin much as Letterman, Couric, Tina Fey and the vast info/entertainment culture did at the beginning. It is a measure of her success and the fear Grizzly Mama strikes in the heart of the timid. The Ted Cruz victory in the Texas Senate race brings substantive political change and Sarah Palin is behind the paradigm shift. It is, as The Washington Post called it, “a victory for the Tea Party.” Today, “the establishment” pushes further away from the main pulse of America and Sarah Palin holds the pulse.

….and, Sarah… if things don’t *ahem* work out between you and Todd in the future… I’m available.   Just sayin’.  *Swoon*

Small Business owners build political backlash against Obama. Barry disagrees.

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Just when I thought Barack “Ted Baxter” Obama couldn’t top (bottom?) himself with his ‘The private sector is doing just fine’ gaffe….his ‘You didn’t build that’  collectivist slip reminds us that Joe Biden is supposed to be there to provide some contrast.   At this point…. I’m not sure how much contrast The Gaffe Master Veep can offer.

Obama’s latest verbal harakari is stunning in its sheer political tone deafness.  Obama’s political strategy almost certainly calls for him to dictate the narrative….he can’t, though, as he continues to have to staunch the bleeding from self-inflicted political damage. That’s not even the worst part for Team Zero…. he’s providing the mother lode of political fodder and machinery for Romney.

Powerline outlines the sheer magnitude of the backlash of small business owners across the country and I’m not very sure if the Obama campaign fully appreciates the portentions of this backlash.  Small business owners have had to deal with a lousy business climate and regulations that have been made worse under the Obama administration and the pain -up until this point- has been economic.   These business owners have an immense amount of pride and personal sacrifice in their enterprise…to them their business is an extension of their very being… and President Obama just made it personal.  Not just economic.  Very personal.  These people will.  not.  forget.

Obama just opened thousands of political campaign outlets around the country for Romney and it’s not just political rhetoric for these owners.   It’s personal now.  Obama made his political coffin shovel ready in Roanoke.

Free Markets, Not Redistribution, Is Best Way to Reduce Poverty

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Share this with your local welfare proffering liberal.  The War on Poverty was more like a War on Prosperity.   The stats prove it.  Favorite line: the safety net became a hammock.

What do you want with your Wisconsin cheesecake? Fine port wine or sour grapes koolaid?

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….because the Washington Post has your choice today.

Mr. Krauthammer serves the fine Port Wine:

Without the thumb of the state tilting the scale by coerced collection, union membership became truly voluntary. Result? Newly freed members rushed for the exits. In less than one year, ­AFSCME, the second-largest public-sector union in Wisconsin, has lost more than 50 percent of its membership.

It was predictable. In Indiana, where Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) instituted by executive order a similar reform seven years ago, government-worker unions have since lost 91 percent of their dues-paying membership. In Wisconsin, Democratic and union bosses (a redundancy) understood what was at stake if Walker prevailed: not benefits, not “rights,” but the very existence of the unions.

So they fought and they lost. Repeatedly. Tuesday was their third and last shot at reversing Walker’s reforms. In April 2011, they ran a candidate for chief justice of the state Supreme Court who was widely expected to strike down the law. She lost.

Hold on to those union membership metrics above when people are given true economic freedom to choose.  Mr. Dionne brings the  Sour Grapes Koolaid offering:

In its way, this would be a just outcome: Voters used state Senate races to signal their dissatisfaction with Walker’s overreach and thus put the retained governor on notice.

Exit polling showed the same electorate that backed Walker giving President Obama a seven-point lead over Mitt Romney, which underscores the problem for conservatives who want to give the Wisconsin outcome an excessively ideological spin. Roughly one Walker voter in six picked Obama over Romney, and this was a group of classic swing voters, made up disproportionately of moderates and independents.

This fact, though, should also register with the left. For years, progressives have engaged in a fruitless, false-choice argument as to whether victory comes primarily from mobilizing loyalists or from winning over middle-of-the-road voters. The obvious truth is that the center-left cannot win without pursuing both strategies simultaneously.

Barrett was clearly aware of this. He closed his campaign appealing to moderates with calls for comity and an end to Wisconsin’s civil war. The strategy worked as far as it went — late-deciding voters backed Barrett overwhelmingly. But the obstacles in his way were too large.

The big difference between the two is Mr. Dionne’s notable lack of reference to human behavior when given economic freedom.   Human desire for economic freedom is fundamental and has been with us since the dawn of mankind.  These freedoms are universally sought,  lousy political ideas and rhetoric are not.

Mr. Dionne likes to point to a single tilt in one Senate seat as proof of people’s disdain for Mr. Walker’s ‘anti-labor’ bend.   Hah.  What Mr. Dionne is ignoring is that the single Senate tilt had the full brunt of union dues putting their thumbs on the political scales Mr. Krauthammer alluded to. He also ignores the fact that -overall- the left and unions lost most of their battles when the ledger is tallied.  The people of Wisconsin -not just a single district- spoke.  Multiple times.

So, in summary… if the unions had such compelling ideas and they were so popular…. they still lost with the economic scales tilted in their favor?  Give me a freaking break.

Moving on.

Mr. Dionne opines about the collective bargain initiatives in Ohio in his article as proof that the left just needs to change political tactics.  Sure those got reversed… and Mr. Dionne wants to point to that as a template for victory going forward?

You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.

Sure, Mr. Dionne…please beseech the unions to use the Ohio initiative.  You see dying vestiges of union influence in a very union dominated state as a sign of promise.   I see the smouldering flickers of a funeral pyre where the union carcass lies.

Don’t believe me?  Look to Indiana and California.  Guess what?  Others are sick of it, too.  Where are people moving to?  States with robust economic growth….and I assure you they don’t ingest the poison you prescribe, Dr. Dionne.   It’s that economic freedom elixir I mentioned earlier, Mr. Dionne.

Oh, and one more thing Mr. Dionne:

If Mr. Walker’s budget saving initiatives are ‘anti labor’ (your words)… then I will now refer to your advice to the unions as ‘anti freedom of choice’.

Seems fair to me.

Lessons From Wisconsin

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Lee Tucker at The American Spectator provides good insight. 

The dessert:

6. Wisconsin may be a template for next November. The press is already dismissing the recall as an out-of-the-way sideshow in a remote state where Democrats didn’t have their best game. The New York Times editorial page even opined that the good guys lost when “labor failed to nominate its preferred candidate last month” — that would be Stanford-educated NGO attorney Kathleen Falk who lost 58-34 to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in the primary! Don’t bother them. They live in a bubble. Actually, Election Night in November could end up looking a lot like Wisconsin in June. Romney and Obama will go into the last week neck-and-neck, with Obama polling slightly ahead. Early exit polls will show him winning handily — then, WHAM! Where did all these people come from? That’s the great American electorate, folks, once again telling the hyper-articulate, hyper-organized pundits and professoriate that they’ve had it with big government.

There’s a five course meal in front of that.  Go join the feeding frenzy.  Good stuff.

Most Americans self identify as fiscally conservative

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No big surprise here as America has always been a center-right country.  Juicy part:

The Gallup poll, on the other hand, exhibits another political consequence of the economic downturn – 46 percent of Americans now identify as fiscally conservative, more than twice the 20 percent that say they’re fiscally liberal.

“The changes in self-identified economic conservatism coincide with the economic downturn and President Barack Obama’s time in office,” Gallup said. “But because the jump occurred between 2008 and 2009, and Americans were already concerned about the economy in 2008, the change in presidential administrations from Bush to Obama may be the bigger factor.”

Both of these polls hint at problems for President Obama’s re-election campaign.

A few observations in terms of larger implications…. first, this spells very bad news for the Democrats when you review fiscal events cascading across the country and globe.  People are seeing the crash of the blue model here and abroad while the red model is thriving in states like Texas….even with blue model interference from the federal government.  The exodus of people from huge blue model behemoths like California and Illinois can’t be explained away by simple coincidence.

Also, you see the near overnight transformation of Wisconsin from a blue model to a red model with very clear and quantifiable fiscal success.   New Jersey is also taking on the blue model and unions, as well, and also doing an about face.   People are noticing the results.   Not good for Democrats as many of their initiatives rely upon fiscal ignorance by the electorate to pass.

Organized labor is far and away the biggest loser and it’s mostly because of its own refusal to adjust for present economic realities.  People are more tuned into the true cost of unions… especially their legacy costs with retirements.  Their year long temper tantrum in Wisconsin has turned Scott Walker into a hero…please notice the palpable disappointment on their faces.  When you have a very liberal quorum calling their behavior ‘very stupid’ on a ‘fight they didn’t haven’t to pick’… you know reality has hit the unicorn arena.  Added cherry on the liberals disappointment sundae:  the unions spent $60 million trying to unseat Walker.  Money the Democrats will desperately need going forward… while potentially  flipping Wisconsin red in November with a very well publicized victory for Scott Walker in June.

Last fiscal dynamic: conservative awareness of political economic clout.  Conservatives are just now beginning to meet liberals in the economic buycott worlds and we have them outnumbered 2 to 1.  Another long term disaster for leftists who continue to run the same tired old formula and fail.   Their Rush Limbaugh disaster is more recent proof of that.

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