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Kroger to slash hourly workers to avoid Obamacare penalties

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The Monster aka Obamacare begins eating salaries.  Ugly part:

Many Kroger employees, I believe, will be shocked to find out about this new policy.

What this means is that Obamacare will stop tens of thousands of Kroger employees — most of whom depend on and need the money — from working more than 28 hours!

Kroger is doing this to avoid paying for full-time healthcare for employees who currently only receive part-time benefits. And they will not get hit with the $3000 penalty.

My own area is a good example. I work with four people who currently get about 36 to 40 hours a week, but they are considered part-time by Kroger and receive limited benefits. Now, they will either have to find another part-time job or they will quit and find a full-time job.

Elections have consequences.  Do your part and vote out this radical Marxist.


I started my Election Preparation last night

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Share this with your Ohio and Pennsylvania friends and family

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There is no more telling metric of Obama’s war upon our mining industry than this one.  He’s killing the coal industry in our country.  Share early, share often!

Perhaps Obama’s ugliest graphic

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Make a liberal mad.  Tell them the truth.

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