Let’s take a peek inside the Liberal Asylum, shall we?

A couple of articles this week struck me as decent summaries of the Obama/Democrat status.   Courtesy of Rick Wilson and Richochet:

The conventional wisdom this morning is that the debate was a tie. That conventional wisdom is (as is so often the case) dead wrong. Biden played to his base, trying to dig Obama out of the hole he’s been trapped in since last week’s debate trainwreck. Ryan played to the center, to the swing and to the late-engagers. The post-hoc coverage won’t factor into their decisions: the pictures and Biden’s mugging, drunk-uncle affect will. (Also, Biden opened several new, Costco-scale cans of worms for the Administration on the Libya scandal.)

In short, Biden did nothing to reset the race, and the edge of panic is still there in the Obama campaign.

When edifices – particularly political edifices built around the myth and personality of one man – collapse, they collapse suddenly. The center does not hold. The man dragged from the spider hole isn’t a dictator, he’s a prisoner. The Master of the Universe hedge fund manager who’s really just a Ponzi schemer gets booked at Rikers like the rest of ’em. The spell cast by power, once broken, is hard to restore.

(And no, I’m not comparing Obama to infamous war criminals. I’m examining the way people view organizations centered on a leader, not on an idea, and why they’re ultimately fragile.)

In the case of the Obama Personality Cult, we believed the Maximum Leader was more brilliant, more charismatic and more skillful than our own candidate. Sure, he was wrong on the issues, a disaster from start to finish, but we still felt a sense of intimidation. That changed last week, as I outlined here.

Next.  Evidence the Democrats are in The Last Days of Pompeii Mode:

This is how Democrats felt in 2008, with Howard Dean and Donna Brazile convincing them that they could dominate the country demographically by streamlining the party into one of “blacks, urban elite, college voters, Jews, Muslims, gays, and women who want to kill their babies”.  The Clintons’ Democrat Leadership Council (a “DLC”, but not the one that Barack Obama belonged to) would be purged from the party and anyone Obama saw as “bitter, clinging” would be shown the door because Donna Brazile, in particular, felt these people were no longer wanted or needed for Democrats to win.  Brazile, it should be noted, is also the rocket scientist who advised Al Gore not to use the Clintons in the 2000 election when Bill wanted to be deployed to bring home Arkansas and Tennessee for Gore (two states Gore lost…which would have landed him in the White House if the Clintons had campaigned aggressively in just those TWO STATES).

For most of the last four years now, the Ministry of Truth (Minitru for short) that is the national media has been trumpeting a “Golden Age of Hope and Change” with Democrats remaining in power essentially “forever” because “demographics are on their side!”.  This is similar to how others in history have declared their inevitable holds on power were destined to last generations…when in actuality these totalitarians have tended to collapse within just a few years of gaining a stranglehold on their countries in the modern era.

Democrats were absolute fools to believe Donna Brazile and Howard Dean back in 2008. Deciding to push Barack Obama to the presidency and give the Left absolute control over the country was a fatal error that’s going to be corrected on November 6th.  Minitru insists this is not happening, and continues to pretend that Democrats will hold power for many years to come.  The volcano is rumbling, and these people are still lounging on couches and eating their grapes, completely oblivious to what’s going to happen in just three weeks now.

Go check out both articles.  They’re correct.  As was Clint Eastwood.

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