Pat Caddell nails the MSM


One Response to “Pat Caddell nails the MSM”

  1. Too bad he had to mention GWB/Katrina in this otherwise excellent speech about the media. Caddell conveniently forgets that Bush tried several times to get the governor of LA to request federal help so it would be in place to aid once the hurricane hit land. Ray Nagin let buses float in water rather than get people to load up seniors and those with no means of getting out of the city, and drive them (and the school buses) to safety. Bush did fly overhead to view the damage so as not to impede rescue operations when things were so bad, but did visit on land a week or so later. Romney flew over the fires in Colorado to see how things were going, but ask the firefighters in Colorado Springs how having Obama actually visit the areas where fires were being fought during the summer hampered what they were doing! I shall now go eat some chocolate and calm down!

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