This season the part of Charley Sheen will be played by the MSM. Only goofier.

The MSM’s marketing of irrational and illogical words and political miscalculations seemed eerily familiar to me… and I finally figured out the parallel:  Charley Sheen.  The media stew has all of the irrationality of the infamous Charley Sheen melt down.  It has all of the classic markers:

1.  Irrational thought processes with their continual denial of Obama’s fiscal irresponsibility.   Charley certainly didn’t mind holding others to a different standard while denying his own double standard.  Check.

2. Their habit to inflate the magnitude of his deeds and poll numbers despite the context of the fiscal and political reality lying in smouldering ruins around his feet.   Charley certainly ummmm overstated his own personal prowess despite reality.  Check.

3.  Much reduced venues and audiences loaded with formerly enthusiastic fans?  Charley’s last performance in a small venue compared to his audience on television?  Check.

4.  Declaring to a more sane and savvy world that he was winning?  Charley’s tweets that he was ‘winning’ despite the evidence?  Check.

MSM, you have a certain Sheen about you…. keep glossing over the truth at your own peril.


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