Obama is Toast Marathon V3.14159

It’s Saturday morning… time to smell a little toasted Marxist.

Obama in High Seas:

Let us come to the point. Obama is reaching out to his very own special constituency. It is composed of those who believe that the Republicans would put up as their candidate for the presidency a person who in his business life would engage in fraud, tax evasion, even murder. Mr. Obama is casting his net for the moron vote. I do not believe that there are enough morons out there to reelect him.

University of Virginia declines Obama’s request to speak:

A University of Virginia spokeswoman says President Barack Obama will not be at the university when he comes to Charlottesville on Wednesday.  In a statement released Friday, it was confirmed that the university declined the president’s request to speak at UVA.

Hmmm.  Barry has lost that 2008 feeling.  4 years ago, a university would have jumped through logistical hoops of nightmares to host His Majesty.

Obama likeability declining, trails Romney by 9 in economy.

Obama still leads Romney on most of the personal-quality questions, but those leads have shrunk during the summer.  Most importantly, on the two issues of most import to voters — as found by Gallup in July — Romney has significant leads over Obama.  On the economy, voters trust Romney more than Obama by a nine-point margin, 52/43.  On the federal budget deficit, Romney leads by 15 points, 54/39.  Those two issues came in first and third in July, with the second-place issue of corruption not polled for today’s release.

Hollywood bailing on Obama and Democratic convention.

And it seems the majority of Clooney’s high-powered Hollywood counterparts are also passing on the 2012 convention – a far cry from 2008’s showdown in Denver, Colorado which attracted dozens of A-listers including Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Silverman, Fallout Boy, John Legend, Cyndi Lauper, Ashanti, Fran Drescher, Ashley Judd, Rage Against the Machine, Aisha Tyler, Anne Hathaway, Susan Sarandon, Jon Hamm, Cash Warren, Jessica Alba, Fergie, Will.i.am, Kanye West, Matthew Modine, Kerry Washington, Stevie Wonder, Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Hudson, Shawn Johnson, Forest Whitaker, Star Jones, Wilmer Valderama, Daniel Dae Kim, Kelly Hu, Jamie Foxx, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Chevy Chase,  Richard Dreyfuss, Melissa Etheridge and Pharrell Williams.

Just to name a few.

We reached out to reps for all of the above in an attempt to find out if these stars would be attending the DNC again this year. A majority did not respond, but of those who did, few will be making a return trip.

Looks like Obama’s box office numbers put him in the flop category with Hollywood.
Romney on the rise.
First, and unpredictably, the pick strengthened Romney’s support among seniors. It was thought Ryan’s budgetary plans for Medicare would frighten seniors, but Romney spent a week hammering home that under his plan Medicare would not change for anyone over 55 — whereas Obama had already stripped $716 billion from Medicare to pay for other aspects of ObamaCare.In Florida, to take the most potent example, Romney’s support among the elderly has boomed.Then there’s the effect of the pick on Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin. There has been a surge toward Romney since the Ryan pick, and the state is now generally considered a toss-up. On June 11, Obama was up by 4.4 points in the RCP average; as of today, that’s 1.4 points.

In a very close race, Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes — votes that electoral-college fanatics playing with all kinds of scenarios to get Romney to the 270 he needs to win have consistently assigned to Obama — could be decisive.

Even more telling is what Wisconsin polls suggest about Obama’s standing nationwide. If things go badly for him in the fall, Wisconsin will have been the great harbinger, beginning in 2010.

Economic Model Predicts Romney Landslide?
The forecast was made by two professors at the University of Colorado who used economic data and unemployment figures from each state to predict a Republican win come November.Political science professors Kenneth Bickers and Michael Berry’s study predicts 218 electoral votes for President Barack Obama and 320 for Republican Mitt Romney with the Republican candidate winning every seat currently considered to be on the fence.
WE are building it, Mr. President.
Mr. President, you owe my family and every small business person in this country an apology. It’s time to wipe that wise ass smirk off your face and stop insulting us and begin to work to get this country going again. I’ve even got a suggestion for you that might help you get our economy going again. Hire some people who have actually started and run a small business successfully. Now I realize you don’t know any people like that so just give me a call. I can provide the names of hundreds of folks who know what it takes to make a profit. Okay, I know you are thinking “profit”, what is this guy talking about? Mr. President, that’s the left-over part of our sales that you and your friends tax so you can get your paycheck. Okay, I know that’s a little complicated. Let’s try this one: think of the relationship of a parasite to a host. Business people are the hosts.
Good one, go read all of it.
The Amazon Election Heat Map…. is red hot!
57% of books sold are ‘red’ books…. 43% are blue…like poor sad Barry.
Hundred’s of Ohio Coal Miners stand in line to see Romney:
Just like the Chik-Fil-A entrance poll on National Chil-Fil-A-Palooza, this long line doesn’t bode well for Sir Lies-A-Lot.
Not the Behavior of a Winning Campaign.
Hysteria creeps into campaigns when the campaigns know they are losing. When George H. W. Bush saw the election slipping away in 1992, he took to referring to Bill Clinton and Al Gore as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. The invective went up as his poll numbers went down.Barack Obama and the Democrats are going to throw in the towel on the tradition of sitting on the sidelines during their opponent’s political convention. In the past, the parties did this with each other. Not now. The Obama campaign cannot afford to. It is too close and polling is about to shift from registered voters to likely voters, which will generate negative numbers for him. He must surrender another tradition to engage in more hyper partisan mudslinging because he is losing.More and more polls are showing Mitt Romney trending upwards in swing states. More and more polls are showing Americans growing more pessimistic about the economy. More and more economists are starting to worry about the economy. Gas prices and milk prices are going up while take home pay is going down.

And that gets us back to the media. At what point will they finally start asking if Barack Obama needs a campaign shake up? Because if it was Mitt Romney in the same boat, they sure as hell would. In fact, there have already been two different media cycles about Romney needing a campaign shake up and not one about Barack Obama.Why? The simple truth remains the vast majority of the media is more sympathetic to and friendly with Team Obama and would hate to ruffle the feathers of friends. It’s one of the greatest thing Mitt Romney has going for him right now.
One comment about Eric’s last sentence: BINGO!  I’ve had numerous discussions with people on the right fretting about the MSM bias and I’ve repeatedly had to remind them that we’re witnessing a paradigm shift in media power.   2008 was the last election where the MSM could cover for the Democrats.  In 2010, it shifted and now it has become a liability for the Dems.
Don’t believe me?  Ask Debbie Wasserman-Shultz how her last couple of outings with Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper went.  On CNN.  Alternate media has attained a critical mass and the Dems are going to learn how to play defense on a national level now.

3 Responses to “Obama is Toast Marathon V3.14159”

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! :~)

  2. Perhaps CNN has seen the handwriting on the wall with their ratings that continue to sink lower and lower until they can’t get much worse, and that’s why they’ve taken on DWS. Whatever, it’s good to see it happening.

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