Democrat Desperation and the MSM: you lost that controlling feeling

Joel Pollak notices the same thing as I noted earlier in the week about the MSM’s loss of narrative control:

That is best understood as a cry for help–for Romney’s selection of Ryan, which defied expectations, and which is proving every day to have been a success, is a harsh reminder that the liberal orthodoxies imposed by the mainstream media and the Democratic Party have lost their control over the popular imagination. The Romney campaign has learned to speak past the media, directly to the American people. The mainstream media is beginning to understand that–which is why the first cracks are appearing in the uniform edifice of media support for the Obama campaign. More than losing an election, what the left-dominated media fear is losing their power over public discourse. And so they, like the Democratic Party itself, are throwing up distractions. If those cost votes–so be it, as long as the media are still able to direct the conversation.

Could there be any stronger signs that the Romney/Ryan ticket is winning, and on its way to victory?

 When you engage in continuous self-marginalization to kowtow to your political views instead of the principles of fairness, you embark upon the road to oblivion.  Couldn’t happen to a better collection of weasels.


One Response to “Democrat Desperation and the MSM: you lost that controlling feeling”

  1. Yes, yes, yes, please let it be true!

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