Paul Ryan and the MSM’s loss of control over the narrative

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve noticed a palpable (small, though) trend in the MSM overtly criticizing Team Zero.  Jonathan Tobin’s article discusses a phenomenon that I’ve suspected since Ryan was tapped as Romney’s Veep:  the MSM is losing it’s ability to direct the narrative in politics.  Juicy part of Jonathan’s article:

The attacks on Ryan are politically tone deaf because it is not enough to merely target a man’s views to get voters to put them down as an extremist. Those attacks must be linked to something in the candidate’s personality, demeanor or record that strikes the public as disqualifying. But in Ryan, Democrats are confronted by a person with a positive vision, intellectual depth and integrity and a nice personal touch that has been able to transcend partisan differences both in Congress and in his Wisconsin Congressional district where he has consistently won the support of Democrats and independents. Negative ads can be useful but in Ryan, Democrats may be confronting a target that is just too smart and too appealing to besmirch with impunity. Nor can they be sure that by doing so they are not hurting their party with Catholics who might otherwise be enticed to back Obama in November.

The Paul Ryan who toured Florida this week with his 78-year-old Medicare recipient mother is not one that will be so easily trashed as a threat to old people. Expecting female voters to fall in lockstep with Obama merely by screaming about abortion may be equally futile.

Indeed.  Perhaps it might have worked 20 years ago… but not now.  People have access to other sources of news information… so much so that it is changing the dynamics of the news world.  Even pure sycophants like Newsweek appear to have limits to how many readers they can lose:

There are larger, long term consequences for Democrats and Modern Liberalism here.   Once they lose the critical mass they need to sustain the liberal fairy tale (if they haven’t done so already)… expect a flurry of political infighting between Democrats, Liberal Organizations and the MSM on whom to blame.

No surprise that it’s the MSM who is the first to correct course as they’re closest to the free market…..just witness the spectacular fall of Newsweek and CNN.  More will follow unless they reform themselves.  Grab some popcorn, we will have some fireworks to watch after November….especially if it’s a landslide.


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