Soothing frayed nerves amid the Panic on the Obama Titanic

Seems as though Time Magazine needs to put out something out to reassure some readers that the deck chairs are great on the Obama Titanic.  The section is called ‘Between The Lines’.   Let me take a shot at the lines:

Team Obama has been energized has had the living hell scared out of it by the addition of Paul Ryan to the Republican ticket. The White House will try to define toss the maximum amount of slime in the contest all the way through Election Day as a fight over issues it thinks the seven-term Congressman is vulnerable well informed on, such as Medicare, tax cuts for the wealthy middle income groups and abortion (…and the chicks seem to be swooning over the Buff Wisconsin Cheese)… But there are 10 other factors smoothing trivial fantasy issues we use to feed you guppies & yuppies on the President’s path to re-election … 1 Obama’s incumbency allows him to control be ignored in the news cycle media whenever he wants with resonant gestures like his Aug. 3 move to purchase $170 million worth of meat and fish in drought-stricken agricultural states when even they aren’t buying his baloney anymore  2 Chicago’s research shop is patiently sitting smoking questionable herbs on potentially distracting information to dream up slime about Mitt Romney, ready to discharge for maximum minimum impact since ‘Romney causes cancer’ went over so well … 3 Romney plans to release his 2011 tax returns soon, fueling another round of stories about his wealth and investments collective yawns as Americans have grown weary of the class warfare… 4 There are signs that housing, retail sales and other areas of the U.S. economy may be improving (and we will not tell you that ‘handling the economy’ is Obama’s biggest negative)5 For all the Democratic fretting over potential crises in Europe and Iran, both just might stay stable in the headlines through November, hurting his foreign policy outlook … 6 Obama’s nominating convention follows Romney’s, giving the President’s side the last word and the prospect of a bigger, more durable poll bounce a speech that will be spectacularly average -at best- and a repeat of something he has been saying for 4 years while the nation yawns…. 7 The hugely popular Michelle Obama is expected to deliver a winning convention speech (but we’re going to ignore the fact that people don’t care about the First Lady, it’s her husband that has crappy numbers)8 The 9/11 anniversary will give the Commander in Chief another opportunity to remind the nation that Osama bin Laden was eliminated on his orders (and we will be chagrined with alternate media’s chance to remind people Obama called off the mission multiple times while giving a group of SEALS an opportunity to remind people of the White House leaks)9 The Chicago team still has superior internal communication and coordination compared with Boston (yes, and that’s why Obama ‘you didn’t build that’ and Joe ‘Chains’ Biden have spent weeks defending self inflicted wounds)10 With a big head start and more advanced technology, the Democrats have an edge in identifying and turning out (room temperature) voters on Election Day.

Forget it, Mark.  Obama is toast.

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