Analyst: Ryan Could Help win Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio

Based upon the pix from Wisconsin and the Scott Walker recall election, we can color Wisconsin red.  More from The Daily Caller:

As a fellow Midwesterner, “Ryan can evoke midwestern values,” emailed Trey Grayson, director of the Harvard University Institute of Politics.

Trey Hardin, a Republican strategist and senior vice president at Vox Global, said that Ryan’s Midwestern roots would help the ticket throughout the Midwest – not just in Ohio and Wisconsin, but also in Pennsylvania, a state that has gone to the Democratic presidential candidate in every election since 1992 but some Republican strategists hope could be a swing state this cycle.

“It’s just a matter of being able to relate,” said Hardin.

Moreover, Ryan helps balance the ticket in a way that could be an asset for Romney given Ohio’s demographics.

“Being Catholic,” Grayson noted, “will help him appeal to the many Catholic swing voters in Ohio.”

Obama is gonna get smoked, y’all.

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