So it is Paul Ryan: a little R&R will be fine

Good choice, methinks.

As per their usual, the MSM and the Spendocrats will portray his economic plan as a weakness but they fail to see that the economic awareness in our country has changed dramatically in the last 10 years.  Not that long ago, stories of bankrupt cities as we see in America and economic turmoil as we see in Europe seemed like a fairy tale.  It. Can’t. Happen.  Here.   A mere conservative bogeyman to be dismissed as rhetoric.

It’s no longer rhetoric.  It’s reality and it’s happening here as the vultures of entitlement have come to roost.  People are living it, they see it.  Obama and the Spendocrats can no longer cry wolf about conservative bogeymen.   The wolf is busy eating our economic future.   He’s here.

Paul Ryan’s ability to calmly verbalize an economic plan in specific detail will resonate with independents who are sitting next to the wolf.  He will be positively invincible against Joe ‘Big Freaking Deal’ Biden in a debate.

Also, I don’t think we should overlook the fact that Romney has one huge intangible in picking the Rep. from Wisconsin: Scott Walker’s success.  The beauty of the pick from Wisconsin is that nobody has to wonder who Scott Walker is and what his success is: the liberals made sure the country knew about Scott Walker.   Free advertising for entitlement reform on the union due dime.  Talk about political karma.

When the chicken littles on the left go crying about economic reform not working.  Team R&R can point to the Wisconsin example.   They can point to the cascade of other states following the Wisconsin example.  The can compare blue state performance to red state performance.  They can point to the highly successful Clinton era welfare reform that Obama just gutted.   Most important of all, they can just point to Obama’s promises of 2008 and his performance.

It’s all real, not rhetoric.


5 Responses to “So it is Paul Ryan: a little R&R will be fine”

  1. There are any number of people who would have been good in the VP slot, but I’m thrilled with the choice of Paul Ryan. Just hearing him speak a few minutes ago brought hope to my soul that we can get rid of the “change” that was elected 4 years ago.

  2. The Left will try to portray him (incorrectly) as a drag on the ticket as they did with Palin. It won’t work this time as they can’t be saved by an economic calamity as Obama was in 2008… and plus Obama is the incumbent….with a lousy record… things they tend to forget.

  3. The D doesn’t have enough zeroes to quantify their shallowness….

  4. …not to mention the “nothingness” they’ve done in the past 3 1/2 years. I think we probably should be lucky they didn’t get more of the lefty agenda passed in this time.

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