S.S. Nobama gets underway…

Hoo boy, the snark is strong in this one.

The snark:

Like other silly boats entered in the first ever Deep Creek Cup staged a week ago in the western Maryland resort area of Deep Creek Lake, the “Nobama” wasn’t expected to win the race. But, to much applause, it easily made the point its builder was striving for: sinking support for the S.S. Obama.

“The country can’t afford another four years of Barack Obama,” said “shipbuilder” Dave Niesslein, a prominent dentist from nearby Farmington, Pa. “He’s an idiot.”

Niesslein’s “Nobama” was entered in the July 28 races along with other cardboard and funny looking vessels made from junk. He used a 16-foot ladder, rusted bike and whatever he could get his hands on to build it. The four-man boat moved with the help of two oars, one named “Hope,” the other “Change.”

On Tuesday, he told Secrets, “it was all show and no go, just like Obama. We used all sorts of stuff that was supposed to work but didn’t.”

Niesslein, he’s one snarky buoy.  (Did I go oar-board with that pun?)


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