Romney ad campaign hits Obama nerve

As I noted earlier that Romney had broken out the brass knuckles….and that it was pure political karma…. and it’s not good for Obama.  Don’t believe me?  Just witness the Obama campaign response:

The coordinated attack — which generated countless headlines during a slow week in Washington in which Congress is absent — aims to portray Obama as a big-government liberal whose efforts to appease his base have pulled him far to the left even of Clinton. Romney is hoping that message will resonate with independent, blue-collar voters in swing states like Ohio, Colorado and Florida — voters Obama has struggled to court and both candidates are fighting to win over.

Team Obama hit back unusually hard: White House spokesman Jay Carney hammered Romney repeatedly in his daily briefing with reporters, and the reelection campaign hastily arranged a conference call, featuring former Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta, to debunk Romney’s claims.

To read political tea leaves, one must read a campaign’s ‘body language’.   To me,  Obama’s body language screams ‘massive right hook received by empty cranium area’.


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