Click on the image to visit their site.   Wooden Nickel to Doug Ross.


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  1. Romney must hit HARD on the economy and energy….those two issues will, I hope, resonate with the majority of those who will vote. Let others tackle peripheral issues, but he needs to stay on topic with those two things. There is much to be said about them, so he won’t run out of things to talk about. I know, I know, he’s going to win, but it’s scary now that we are 92 days out from the election, when you know the midnight oil burns in the WH & the mayor’s office in Chicago, trying to find the dead bodies who can register to vote.

  2. I think Romney is holding his fire while the inner circle sorts out the veepstakes. He has been dishing out some smart punches and doesn’t have to work hard due to the ineptitude of Team Zero.

  3. Absolutely true. Plus, people really don’t pay attention until after both conventions and Labor Day roll around. There’s no need to waste money on ads yet. I may actually have to come up with a few $$ to send to MItt, although there are many other races I will contribute to, as I’m able.

    I really do appreciate your blog ~ thanks for the effort you put into the research and writing!

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