The larger meaning of Chik-Fil-A-palooza

This is the baseline of our republic….

…and liberalism’s inherent failure to comprehend the fundamentals has brought us to the potential watershed event.  They’ve erected hypocritical walls of political correctness to dampen free speech to gain an upper hand in politics… and what did they do? Trample the boundaries of decency and civil discourse to the point that any dissent outside of their dogma is met with vile bile.   Reason and logic be damned.

There is no more clear example of  liberalism’s  detachment from the fundamentals than the viral video of a (now) former CFO of Vante Corporation acting in a heinous manner towards a polite young Chik-Fil-A employee.  A CFO?  Are  you kidding me?

I’m a corporate puke for a large company and an absolute fundamental of my job is to watch my behavior to protect my job and my company.   Hence, the pseudonym.  Heck, what I post is not remotely vile within the confines of civil discourse… it’s just the specter of PC makes it hard for conservatives to have a dissenting point of view.   Adam Smith?  He felt empowered to video a hateful tirade and post it to the web.  That’s the difference in discussion dynamics between liberals and conservatives/libertarians.  What Adam Smith did was not only grotesquely rude… it was profoundly DUMB.  This is the emotional aspect of liberalism where they have simplistic emotive responses to dissent…devoid of logic most of the time.

Professor Jacobson raises a good point about our response to Mr. Smith’s outcome: Do we cheer Mr. Smith’s unfortunate career demise? 

Of course not.  I don’t wish ill upon anybody…however…. what I do like is the small victory for discourse.  There, apparently, IS a limit to the amount of vile bile for liberals.   High metric, yes… but a boundary nonetheless.   Mr. Smith engaged in a behavior that just a few decades ago would have horrified even the staunchest of liberals and he advertised it.  This act alone demonstrates the paradigm shift in liberalism’s view of political discourse.  They’re marinated in bile and don’t even know it now.

Liberalism constructed the rules of PC and then went on to trample even the basic tenets of decency.  We should cheer the karma, not the outcome to an individual’s future.  Perhaps this karma will serve as a lesson to others on the left.

I’m not optimistic they will learn from it, though.

2 Responses to “The larger meaning of Chik-Fil-A-palooza”

  1. I was reading commentary on the CFA day on FB pages of friends who happen to be gay. For the record, I don’t care what “you” do in your private life….I don’t want to see gay OR straight people and their public displays of affection. That said, every single one of the “friends” (and I do know some of these people personally and have worked with them professionally) are now trying to make last Wednesday NOT be a “freedom of speech” issue, but one of trying to deny them something in life. Sad, sad, sad.

  2. PS ~ Adam Smith is not smart enough to be a CFO of any size corporation. He got what he roundly deserved for his actions.

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