Some R&R? Count Me In!

Romney/Ryan?  Romney/Rubio?  Sounds like a couple of winners to me.


3 Responses to “Some R&R? Count Me In!”

  1. Heck, at this stage of the game, I’d take Romney and Dracula!

  2. I yield the floor to a better (and younger!) mind than I’m dealing with today! You are absolutely correct about that one. I know Romney won’t do it, but I’d love to see him pick Sarah Palin ~ she is such a breath of fresh air and when you look at all she accomplished in Alaska, it’s pretty amazing. I’d heard her interviewed several times on the Lars Larsen Show and the day McCain was going to announce his nominee, I remember saying to a friend, “don’t think he’d be smart enough to pick Sarah P., but she would be fabulous!” I’ve never been the type of person who thought only a woman could represent me in Congress or the WH ~ I’m secure enough in who I am that I look at issues and see who best thinks the same way I do and make my selection that way. So, Romney can pick a boring white man (as long as it isn’t Brian Williams!) and I’ll be quite happy. We just need two people who can help jump start this country once again! I would be thrilled with Rubio, Ryan and I love Allen West ~ the man has guts!!!

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