Happy Birthday, Barry. With Snark, The Pubs

The Snark.  I likey.



3 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Barry. With Snark, The Pubs”

  1. One of my friends who does NOT like Zero is not happy to be sharing this birthday. My younger daughter was born on Jane Fonda’s birthday (12/21). When E got old enough to find out about Hanoi Jane, she looked and me and said, “I was born at 11pm….couldn’t you have held on for another hour so I didn’t have to share a birthday with her?” :~)

  2. Tell her you had other things on your mind at that hour.

  3. Oh, I’m worse than that ~ for many years, I would call to wish her a happy birthday and remind her “at this point in the day, I’d been in labor for 12 hours with 7 more to go, to be followed by an emergency C-section”. A few years ago, she finally said, “Mother, I don’t find that amusing at all!” Now I just wish her a HB! :~)

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