Small steps can mean alot between now and November

If you want to make a small contribution to defeating Progressivus Maximus in the Oval Office… may I make a small, easy suggestion?  If you have time to cruise the web each day… consider making a post or two each day on political forums sponsored by local newspapers or Craigslist such as this one in the ‘politics’ section of Dayton, Ohio.

I’ve been posting links at various Craigslist city locations in the swing states and I can affirm people do click on them.  I see evidence in my traffic counter…. so it works.  Some areas are lighter than others… but it adds up.  The thing I like about the Craigslist postings is that it is out there for 45 days before it expires and the only way vulgar liberals can reply is a separate thread of their own… so they can’t pollute yours.

I have some postings in rural areas of swing states that get hits everyday.  It can add up if several of us rebuff the trash posted by progressives and conservatives pass it on to others.  Pick an article on the web and make a quick commentary about it and post it.   Uploading a clever,  snarky image also helps.   Think about it.


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