Joe Isuzu at the podium

I know many have seen this but I’m filing this under the video category in case you want to share later.  If you haven’t seen the video….it’s must see hilarity.  Unless you’re an Obama supporter.

If you have Jewish friends, please pass this video to them.  It speaks volumes.


3 Responses to “Joe Isuzu at the podium”

  1. Gotta love Les Kinsolving ~ the libs in Baltimore hate him and are delighted he’s not on the radio 3+ hours a day, but now he goes to the WH for one of the stations to antagonize press secretaries!

  2. Did you notice the lady directly in front of him? You can barely see her but see is not amused.

  3. Hadn’t noticed her, but she was probably annoyed that she’d drawn the short straw and had to end up sitting in front of Les. He can be a tad irritating at times. :~)

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