Give a Progressive heartburn, Eat Mor Chikin

Liberalism errrrrr   Progressivism uhhhhh   Koolaidism…. whatever you want to call it has devolved to the point that the Flat Earth Society looks reasonable by comparison.  The Chik Fil A debacle has reached a stage when even lefty outlets have to remind Corpus Koolaid that freedom of speech still matters.

To wit:

Mother Jones:  Gross Hypocritical Part:

Menino and Moreno have it wrong. Blocking construction of Chick-fil-a restaurants over Cathy’s views is a violation of Cathy’s First Amendment rights. Boston and Chicago have no more right to stop construction of Chick-fil-As based on an executive’s anti-gay views than New York City would have had the right to block construction of an Islamic community center blocks away from Ground Zero. The government blocking a business from opening based on the owner’s political views is a clear threat to everyone’s freedom of speech—being unpopular doesn’t mean you don’t have rights. It’s only by protecting the rights of those whose views we find odious that we can hope to secure them for ourselves.

Remember, folks… they had to be reminded about a fundamental cornerstone of our freedom.  Good grief.

The Boston Herald:

But which part of the First Amendment does Menino not understand? A business owner’s political or religious beliefs should not be a test for the worthiness of his or her application for a business license.

These.  People. Had.  To. Be. Reminded.  >Bangs head on wall<

The Los Angeles Times:

It’s a different matter if he attempts to trample the free-speech rights of others by using the power of his office to fight against a business license for Chick-fil-A. Menino suggested that it would be appropriate to block the chain from opening in Boston because Cathy’s views amount to discrimination. That would rightly apply if Chick-fil-A were to refuse service to gay customers; the city has a right and an obligation to prevent discriminatory actions against its residents and visitors. But there’s no evidence that any such thing has occurred.

Corpus Koolaid, by the way, argues that liberal media did its job by reminding us that freedom of speech still matters.   Couple of items and I’ll cap off the logical flaying:

1.  When liberalism, progressivism  or koolaidism has to remind itself that freedom of speech matters for all?  Gee, thanks, Captain Obvious… can you guys devote a week to reminding us that the laws of gravity are fairly important, too?  Are you kidding us?

I mean, geez, this is fundamental stuff and you guys are electing people who don’t understand the fundamentals…. and I’d like to note that I haven’t seen one liberal (you included, James) call for a resignation.   Goodness knows you guys don’t mind calling for conservative scalps if the shoe were on your hypocritical foot.

2.  The few outlets who did call out the idiocy were a minor part of the liberal media; the vast majority of liberal media hyped -not criticized- the politician’s Chik Fil A stance.  In fact… some of the liberal outlets mocked supporters of Chik Fil A’s freedom of speech.   Don’t believe me?

Without double standards, liberalism would have no standards at all.

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