More of that not-so-subtle liberal racism

They can’t help themselves.  Fellow is arguing that the Republicans really don’t enjoy an advantage in the ‘voter enthusiasm gap’ proffered by some pollsters.  In capping off his argument, he trots out the worn out voter identification straw man:

Republicans will almost certainly enjoy an advantage in turnout this year but it won’t be because of their greater enthusiasm. It will be because Republicans identifiers are disproportionately white and affluent and find it easier to overcome numerous obstacles that make it difficult for many lower income and minority citizens to register and vote including, increasingly, voter identification laws enacted by Republican legislatures.

I don’t care about the enthusiasm gap in voters… I do care about their factual gap, however.

At any rate, I wonder how thick the walls are in that ivory tower he resides in to continuously assume that whites are better at obtaining really easy-to-obtain identification?  Liberal racism, 150 proof.


3 Responses to “More of that not-so-subtle liberal racism”

  1. If the dems can pick up people in retirement homes and take them (by bus) to vote, surely they can do the same thing to help them get a proper ID for voting. If a person can get to the polling place, they should be able to find a way to obtain a legal photo ID. At the place I go to for early voting (which really is wonderful ~ I know there are drawbacks), the building advertises that, upon a day’s notice, they can have an interpreter in 15 languages, plus ASL (for which I have no objection) to help someone.

  2. Modern life is rife with requirements for identification. Amazing how the liberals forget that come election time.

    • Yes…just the other day, I wanted to cash a check at the bank where I’ve done business for more than a quarter of a century (that sounds OLD!) Even tho’ they can call me by name, they still want to see my picture ID. The libs act like those who vote for them are too dumb to figure out how to obtain the proper ID. I can’t imagine anyone who couldn’t get to wherever they have to go to get the ID….church groups/family/friends are all there to help the person get to the grocery store or the doctor. And because of all the medical fraud these days, you also have to show a photo ID when you see your doctor or go to the ER. So, lack of ID is no excuse. Of course, in the Peoples Republic of Maryland, it is illegal for a poll worker to even look at your picture ID. How ’bout that!

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