What Obama REALLY means when he says he ‘stands behind business’

Your collectivism is still showing, Barry.  Juicy part:

To contain the damage of “you didn’t build that,” Obama cut a television ad this week, arguing he really does appreciate small-business men. “We need to stand behind them,” Obama said, “investing in education, training, roads and bridges, research and technology.” We know what government “investments” Obama likes to make in “research and technology.” His stimulus created taxpayer-backed loan guarantees for the likes of Solyndra, grants for geothermal energy, tax credits for alternative fuel, Internet subsidies, computer subsidies and so on. Obama still lauds George W. Bush’s law forcing people to buy more expensive high-tech light bulbs than they want to. Obama wants to require our utilities to use more expensive wind and solar energy.

When Obama says “we need to stand behind” businessmen, he means we need to subsidize them. We need to force people to buy what they are selling. And we need to bail them out when they fail. This is the “amazing American system,” in Obama’s eyes. And it’s one many Americans do not like.

Barry still hasn’t figured out the rules of digging and holes.  He’s enamored with shovels being ready,  I suppose.


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