The Cost of Obamanomics: 200k businesses since 2008

‘Shovel ready’ meant burying small businesses by the thousands.  Ugly part:

More than 200,000 small businesses vanished between early 2008 and 2010 — a  period covering the Great Recession and its immediate aftermath — taking with  them in excess of 3 million jobs, according to Census figures which illustrate  the depth of the country’s economic hole.

Data is only available until 2010, but the U.S. Census Bureau stats reveal a  startling slide for America’s businesses. While the country boasted 5.14 million  firms with up to 99 employees as of March 2008, that number dropped to 4.92  million by March 2010 – representing a loss of roughly 223,800 businesses and  3.1 million workers.

Yes, liberals, I understand Obama couldn’t control economics in 2008… but you sure as hell didn’t give George W. Bush the same leniency after the Tech Bubble or 9/11.  That’s how I’m playing the blame game…. using YOUR rules.   Now you know how much double standards stink… and sting.


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