Small Business owners build political backlash against Obama. Barry disagrees.

Just when I thought Barack “Ted Baxter” Obama couldn’t top (bottom?) himself with his ‘The private sector is doing just fine’ gaffe….his ‘You didn’t build that’  collectivist slip reminds us that Joe Biden is supposed to be there to provide some contrast.   At this point…. I’m not sure how much contrast The Gaffe Master Veep can offer.

Obama’s latest verbal harakari is stunning in its sheer political tone deafness.  Obama’s political strategy almost certainly calls for him to dictate the narrative….he can’t, though, as he continues to have to staunch the bleeding from self-inflicted political damage. That’s not even the worst part for Team Zero…. he’s providing the mother lode of political fodder and machinery for Romney.

Powerline outlines the sheer magnitude of the backlash of small business owners across the country and I’m not very sure if the Obama campaign fully appreciates the portentions of this backlash.  Small business owners have had to deal with a lousy business climate and regulations that have been made worse under the Obama administration and the pain -up until this point- has been economic.   These business owners have an immense amount of pride and personal sacrifice in their enterprise…to them their business is an extension of their very being… and President Obama just made it personal.  Not just economic.  Very personal.  These people will.  not.  forget.

Obama just opened thousands of political campaign outlets around the country for Romney and it’s not just political rhetoric for these owners.   It’s personal now.  Obama made his political coffin shovel ready in Roanoke.


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