The Roanoke Shuffle: Obama and the Racial Gratitude Racket

Robert Oscar Lopez dishes the racial dirt on the real context of ‘You didn’t build that’.

Affirmative action makes it easier to replace minority troublemakers who aren’t toeing the liberal line — first, by providing white liberal bosses with a reserve army of less qualified, easily manipulated replacement tokens, and second, by making it impossible for the truly aggrieved minority to have standing for anti-discrimination complaints.  The institution defends itself quite easily by saying, “Look at [Dumber, More Pliant Minorities X,Y, Z].  They don’t have the problems here that [Self-Assured Minority Who Doesn’t Feel Grateful to White Liberals] has.  The latter has problems because he’s uncollegial and doesn’t fit in.”

Nevertheless, even today people confront me with the same irritating line: “Be grateful that affirmative action gave you the opportunities that made your life possible.”  That comes up more often than not when Democrats are prodding me to support Barack Obama.

In Roanoke, Virginia, Obama was speaking in terms that he knew would terrorize young people of color because of the self-doubts fostered by affirmative action.

Good read.  Check it out.

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