Runaway Slave

A new movie featuring the stories of black conservatives finding their way off of the Democrat Plantation is opening across the country.

Juicy parts:

Herman Cain caught a great deal of flak for his comment on the campaign trail that he “had left the Democratic plantation,” but he’s not the only one saying it.  Indeed, C.L. Bryant has now joined the ranks of a number of  black closet conservatives who are speaking out against big government, which is what they perceive to be the new plantation.   And the list of black conservatives finding the courage to speak out is growing.

Joining Bryant in this documentary are famous faces like Herman Cain, Allen West, Thomas Sowell, AlfonZo Rachel, and Alveda King.  Sirius radio host David Webb speaks out, and we meet a host of other black conservatives who share their stories such as Mason Weaver, Marvin D. Rogers, and K. Carl Smith, who is the founder of Frederick Douglass Republicans and subscribes to the “four life-affirming values of Douglass: respect for life, respect for the Constitution, belief in limited government and individual responsibility.”


Given all this, why such a monolithic turnout from the black community for the Democratic Party?  This is one of the questions Runaway Slave attempts to answer.  How has black America been improved by all these handouts?  Part of the problem seems to be the controlled decimation of the black family perpetuated by the requirement that to receive that entitlement check, there must not be a father in the home.  You get married, you lose your welfare check.

Planned Parenthood and the high rate of abortions in the black community are also cited.  Most Planned Parenthood centers are in black communities; in New York in 2008, for example, more African-Americans had abortions than gave birth.

In her new book, Blacklash, Deneen Borelli asks, “Why aren’t black kids improving and growing at the same rate as their peers?  My opinion: It’s all in the message from the career black politicians who promote big government solutions that result in stagnation and government dependence.”  The better way, Borelli suggests, is to quit blaming everyone else and take responsibility for your life.  The Constitution does not guarantee you success, but it does guarantee you the opportunity for success.

Worth a click.

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