Reagonomics vs. Obamanomics

A comparison of The Gipper vs. The DIPper courtesy of The Loud Talker via Doug Ross.  Click on image to enlarge.

Juicy part:

What is the point? President Reagan experienced a recession in his first term that lasted 16 months. However, unlike President Obama, Reagan enacted policies meant to stimulate the economy, not to suppress it. The end result was a sharp and rapid recovery that lasted many years.

Despite having complete control of Congress during his first two years in office, Obama squandered his historic opportunity and has managed to continually muzzle the greatest economic engine in the history of mankind. I’ve lined up the two recessions in the image above to make the comparison obvious to even the most stubborn of Liberals.

There is no way to blame Republican obstructionism for this. Two years of complete control wasted. Then, even after Republicans regained control of the House and offered dozens of economic bills, they were crushed by Harry Reid’s willfully destructive arrogance in the Senate.

You came.  You saw.  Liberal Strawman destroyed.


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