The Lame Blame Bain Strain is a Bane for the Obama Campaign

Sorry about the thread title… if you think reading it is tough… try typing one over insufficient quantities of coffee.  I digress.  Again.  Freedom Outpost notes that Obama was down with Bain when he was taking their money.  Typical hypocritical Obama part:

Barack Obama and his campaign have been making Mitt Romney’s time at Bain Capital one of their premiere mantras that have over and over backfired in their faces. They decided to attack the fact that Bain outsourced jobs during the restructuring of the companies they acquired. So what does Obama have to do with it? During the time he points to, 1999-2002, the executives of Bain donated to Obama for his campaign. No doubt at that time Barack Obama was not at all upset about jobs being outsourced as he got some big, fat checks from the executives.

As was noted earlier: Obama certainly has no problem with Bain when it makes his job EASY.  This is the most desperate re-election campaign evah.


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