Liberals: In Fraud we trust

Datechguy has an excellent compilation of liberal hand wringing over the voter identification laws just passed in Pennsylvania.   One site he excerpts is wailing over the potential loss of ‘750,000’ voters.  Doesn’t say if those voters are room temperature but I digress.  Go see the excerpts.   Almost as good as dessert.  Almost.


2 Responses to “Liberals: In Fraud we trust”

  1. wow. And yet between 2000-2010 there were a whopping 13 cases of confirmed voter impersonation fraud. In 2004 a whopping 185 probable cases of voter fraud of all types. Between 2002-2005 there where a whopping 26 convictions for voter fraud- not one of them voter ID fraud.

    But yes- this is a much, much bigger issue then the millions of mostly democratic voters the gop controlled states are trying desperately to disenfranchise- numbers larger then the margin of victory in the 2008 election in most cases.

  2. A few items:

    1. Are you seriously going to assert that # of convictions actually equals number of fraud instances? So, by that logic, number of robbery convictions would also equal robbery rate. Hardly.
    2. Your numbers are way off:
    3. You have it exactly backwards with the disenfranchisement. It’s the Dems who want to disenfranchise people who play by the rules by making excuses for people who want to cheat.
    4. Why is it okay for Democrats to ask for identification to attend one of their Democrat meetings but raise hell about identification for something more important like voting?
    5. As is highlighted in the article at Datechguy blog… there are 7 ways to prove their identity and they have to possess at least one of them to live a normal life.

    No, people such as yourself are only excusing the fraud under the veil of a leftist straw man.

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