Israel abandons Obama

Rep. Steve Israel (D), Long Island, New York  is exhorting Democrats to skip the Democrat Convention in Charlotte. Not just any Democrat, mind you, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman.  Of course, the Democrats are brushing it off as needing to focus on their campaigns but as is observed in the editorial:

What’s it all mean? Maybe that the rats are starting to desert a sinking ship.

After all, politicians don’t keep their distance from popular presidents. Quite the contrary — they want to bask in reflected glory and benefit from the prez’s prodigious fund-raising abilities.

I agree.  Crats and burning ship sums it up precisely.


One Response to “Israel abandons Obama”

  1. Obama has abandoned Israel, so it’s only fitting that Israel should abandon Obama! The Representative is joining a growing list of those who don’t plan to travel to NC for the convention.

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