More liberal racism as explained by Allen West

Courtesy of Right Scoop via Doug RossJuicy part:

I really feel that it is demeaning to me to think that I need some individual to justify me and my existence. Look, I went through 22 years being in the military, I rose to the rank of Lt. Colonel, I have a bachelor and 2 masters degrees. And for these white liberals to believe they can have this condescending manner toward black conservatives that we need to have approval from our quote unquote, I guess “masters”, for us to be able to speak – see that’s where the true racism really lies governor is with the white liberals who don’t want to see someone such as myself that broke away from their dependency class and is out here and able to possibly contend against them with the policies that they are promoting that’s destroying the black community. I know I’m their #1 target and it just emboldens me to speak out even stronger.

And the heck with them if they think someone else needs to approve of me and what I stand for.

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3 Responses to “More liberal racism as explained by Allen West”

  1. Juan Blackman Says:

    The purpose of the liberal agenda is to ensure that the ‘have nots’ continue to have not. They set up every community to be seemingly saved by the Great White Hope in the form of welfare, food stamps, public housing, and other ‘programs’ designed to keep poor Blacks and Mexicans dependent on the system. This way our ‘master’ appears to be our ‘savior’. Glad you saw through the smoke screen.

  2. Like Glenn Reynolds says… they like to govern beggars because they’re easier to please. The only thing standing between liberals and absolute soviet-like tyranny are conservatives and libertarians. Seriously.

  3. Love, love, love Allen West ~ I would vote for him in a heartbeat!

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