Black pastors target Obama

Rut roh.   I wonder how the leftists will treat this group.  Juicy parts:

 The pastors are angered with Obama’s recent endorsement of gay marriage. Obama did not, however, suggest that he would push for a federal mandate allowing same-sex marriages to take place.

Owens is the voice of a large segment of black pastors who support traditional marriage between a man and a women. “The Black church has always been the conscience of America, and today we are calling on black pastors and black Christians to withhold support from President Obama until he corrects course,” he said.


Their opposition to gay marriage could influence how black churches turn out the vote for Obama.

“We were once proud of President Obama, but our pride has turned to shame,” said Owens.

This could be interesting.

Bonus edit:

This is simply astounding.   Black unemployment increased .8% in ONE MONTH while unemployment for young blacks increased 2.8% in ONE MONTH.  Can you imagine the wailing and whining from the left if those lousy metrics occurred under George W. Bush?

Of course, under Barack Obama, these people are simply collateral damage for the ‘common good’ of  ‘progressivism’.


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