King Narcissus’ teflon shield is failing him in round two

I’ve opined here and elsewhere that Obama is supremely bad at politics outside of his Chicago bubble (more later) and his success in 2012 was due to a compliant media, his race and Bush fatigue.  Tom Blumer over a PJ Media collects a nice array of salient facts pointing to razor thin margins for President Thin SkinJuicy part:

When it’s over, should he lose, it’s likely that historians will identify Obama’s “the private sector is doing just fine” assertion as the moment it all started to come undone. Two weeks after his ignorant utterance, a poll of “citizens” (i.e., not even of registered or likely voters) showed that 47% of Americans not only knew about it, but could also recite it. A liberal poli sci prof tried to frame this result as evidence that it really didn’t matter. Who does he think he was kidding? In a country where at most 20% can be described as following the news and current events closely, 47% penetration in two weeks is astonishingly high. Mitt Romney, his campaign, and the Republican Party have over four months left to get to most of the other 53%. As long as they continue their current aggressive posture, they probably will.

Obama’s campaign, supposedly run by the greatest political strategists ever to walk the earth, is adding to the pile with especially galling offense.

In regards to the second paragraph, I won’t discuss the national angst/glee over being able to elect a black president…or even that many were fatigued with Bush.  Nobody denies that those elements were a huge advantage for Barack Obama.   The unspoken part of the equation, however, was the media’s assertion -and some acceptance by the right- that Obama’s campaign was brilliant in the first place.   It certainly made the most of new advertising media… but was the message brilliant?  Hardly.

Any campaign can be deemed great as long as everybody nods and repeats the lie.  But that doesn’t make it true.   If Obama is so great at politics, why hasn’t he worked with Republicans in Congress to get things done?  Why is he alienating his own party as we move towards November?

I’ll tell you why: he never had to practice politics in the Chicago ‘my way or the highway’ political bubble.  It’s easy to be a politician when you have the power to bully your way to ‘compromise’.  It’s the same dynamic I witness with liberals and their talking points.  They aren’t challenged by others in the workplace on their Obama talking points…. if you do, they simply drop the race card.  So people simply roll their eyes and let them move on in their liberal bubble.   More ‘compromise’ by bullying.

Out here?  Liberals simply call you names or slander you and leave.  Bubble intact.   It’s a self-fulfilling fairy tale.  Branford Marsalis speaks to this ‘bubble’ of head nods and winks in education… but it is the same dynamic in play in modern liberalism.  Warning: he drops one ‘s’ word but worth a minute of your time:

If one person refuses to wink, they beat the crap out of you.  That sounds familiar:

Thou shalt wink with the party, comrade!


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