In Lew of the Truth

Chris Wallace presses the White House Chief of Staff, Jack Lew, on whether the Obamacare Mandate was a tax… Mr. Lew emphatically repeats that it is not.  Then Chris Wallace plays the audio of the Obama Administration lawyer arguing to the Supreme Court that the Mandate IS a tax:

What does Lew do?  Double down on the lie with a red face.  The same play the Obama administration has been running for 3+ years.  That’s why they’ll get smoked in November… Point, Blame, Lie, repeat.  It’s the same stuff every day.

Bonus taxation hypocrisy:

Nancy Pelosi almost calls the mandate a tax.

It’s really curious how the biggest fans of taxation like Obama and Pelosi are running like hell from the ‘t’ word.

Remember: I keep the Dem hypocrisy, racism and hypocrisy in categories for future reference.


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