Why stop at three?

Three reasons the Democrat Convention in Charlotte could be a disaster.  I do suppose the internet is only so big; can’t blame the author for stopping at three, really.  Juicy part:

2. Unions could sit out the convention, with their dollars Although the Charlotte host committee denies that the Democrats are having trouble raising cash for their convention, two sources say planners are about $27 million short of their $36.6 million goal, says Hans Nichols at Bloomberg. The likely reason: Democrats decided to bar corporations from directly funding the convention, choosing to accept only personal donations of $100,000 or less. Democrats were hoping labor unions would cough up the difference, but unions are opting out “because Charlotte lacks unionized hotels” and North Carolina is a union-unfriendly “right to work” state. Hmmm, says Malkin in the New York Post: “Disgruntled leftists. Disgruntled centrists. Disgruntled unions. Disgruntled corporate donors” — sounds like a great party.

Hmmm, only $27 million short of their $36 million goal?  That metric should tell you all you need to know about the state of the Democrat party today.   It seems that Obama and the Spendocrats have perfected this reverse Midas touch; every thing they’ve touched in the last couple years has gone to hell.  Project Charlotte has gone from a dreamland of progressive cohesiveness to the nightmare of liberal despair.

Remember: North Carolina was chosen as the state for the convention because it’s a swing state who voted for Obama in 2008. The Spendocrats envisioned the DNC optics as a springboard to sway other swing states, instead it will devolve into a cesspool of competing agendas.


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