Meeting the MSM’s expectations: I’m casting away…with the help of a few liberals

As many of you have heard… yet another Democrat is joining the thundering herd away from the DNC in Charlotte…. Senator Claire McCaskill (D).   ABC’s take:

Expect McCaskill’s move to be cast as an attempt to distance herself from Obama during a difficult re-election race– what some would call a savvy political move. But others are likely to view it as a decision to turn her back on her party and her president due to fear of losing her own election. That criticism was lobbed at three West Virginia Democratic lawmakers earlier this month when they revealed their intentions to skip the convention.

Savvy?  Weally?   Since when is the fundamental political desire to simply survive considered….smart?  This is a lady who pinned her political future on Obama and Obamacare and now she’s reaping the dire consequences.  If the tables were turned and it were Pubs shunning a Republican incumbent… does anybody out in the real world doubt how the MSM would ‘cast’ as the reason?  Me neither.  If being at the DNC convention guaranteed Senator McCaskill an electoral victory via her association with Obama… she’d be ‘savvy’ by being there with Obama.  Face it, liberals, Obama is toxic.

….but I digress a little.  It’s not just me ‘casting’ the reality of the situation…. I have help from a few liberals in making the cast.   Warning, some liberal civil verbiage over there.




3 Responses to “Meeting the MSM’s expectations: I’m casting away…with the help of a few liberals”

  1. pianogirl88 Says:

    I will not giggle, I will not giggle, I will not giggle…..
    OMG ~ you can’t make this stuff up, can you?

  2. The hypocrisy is simply amazing.

  3. pianogirl88 Says:

    Hypocrisy on one side, stupidity on the other, unfortunately.

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